More useful email alerts, and a survey (Week 30)

Matt Webb
Matt Webb
Oct 31, 2018 · 2 min read
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You can now get your weekly email alerts filtered by city.

Say, for example, that I visit Olivier’s job board and I like the look of the C4 Ventures portfolio. But I’m only interested in roles in San Francisco. Now I and set up email alerts just for that city.

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This is what the settings page looks like. You can’t edit the alert here, but I figure that’s ok because they’re so easy to add (just tap the button on the relevant page).

“Email alerts” launched as “Watchlists” .

Same thing, but called something different now. The utility feels more immediate though I’m still not super passionate about “alerts” as a name for this feature.

Other small changes:

  • Jobs in the US now also display the state in addition to the city
  • It’s no longer mandatory for companies to have a Twitter username. For example has their domain name in the web address instead of a Twitter name.

There’s also a sidebar link for anyone who would like to curate their own job board. Currently and I’m now up for opening the doors a little bit. Here it is.

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If you’d be interested in using Job Garden at some point, please complete the survey as this will help me prioritise development.

Do also share it with anyone else you think would find Job Garden useful.

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