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Our next step together - a more immersive, personalized, and guided experience

Maxime Germain
Dec 20, 2019 · 5 min read

In March, we launched the very first version of Jour on the App Store.

In June, we released a powerful new feature: Daily Jour.

In August, our community reached 200,000 journalers and is still growing.

Today we’re releasing Jour Premium — a suite of subscription-based features to provide guidance and build a practice that fully reflects the life you live. We’re also upgrading our free features for a better experience for everyone.

The revenue from Premium will help support our team as we work toward our mission: creating a tool that allows people to live happier, healthier, and more empowered lives.

One thing won’t change though: everything that’s been free in the app will remain free. Forever. That’s why we’ve also taken the opportunity to add free features that we hope you’ll enjoy too.

Overview of our latest release, Jour Premium

What’s In Premium?

Over the last few months, we’ve listened to your feedback, your tweets, and your messages.

From this feedback, we identified some key features to make our journaling experience even better, providing more guidance and flexibility to our community of journalers.

Themed Daily Check-In’s ☀️

Our beloved feature Daily Jour already provides daily, guided prompts to reflect and focus thoughts. But for anyone wanting a more tailored daily practice, Premium now includes themed Daily check-ins. These include:

  • Daily Gratitude
    A chance to practice gratitude, maintain perspective, and access positivity
  • Daily Motivation
    A chance to set goals, improve focus, and appreciate personal progress
  • Daily Peace
    A chance to find some peace of mind and combat anxious feelings

Like Daily Jour, all the new Daily check-in’s consist of three, short questions, which can be discovered once a day.

New and Improved Journeys 🏆

Premium includes new Journeys — more guided and immersive than ever before — to address an array of topics:

  • The Power of Gratitude
  • Sleep with a Clear Mind
  • Goodbye to Loneliness
  • Unlocking Self-Confidence
  • Distancing Anxiety
  • Digital Detox
  • Designing Your Best Life
  • Discover Your Inner Child

Mood Tracker 🙂

As part of a themed, Daily practice, you can now easily record how you’re feeling every day and monitor your mindset over time.

Audio Intros 🎧

Each day along a Premium Journey begins with an audio introduction, to better immerse and guide journalers.

Predictive Answers 💬

Premium questions will now also include answer options, to get your mind thinking and making it easier than ever to answer each day’s questions.

Attach Photos 📸

With Premium, you can take photos from inside Jour or attach a photo to any Entry you’re writing, creating a space that more fully reflects your life.

➡️ Download Jour

Why does Premium matter for Jour’s mission?

When we first founded Jour, we made a commitment. Each and every journaler’s data will be protected — for their eyes only. We want people to use Jour with total peace of mind, forever.

So here comes our second commitment: we’ll never sell ads or our users’ information.

As a business on a mission, we need to find alternative ways to support our growth. The revenue from Premium subscriptions will support our team as we grow together and work towards our mission: creating a tool that allows people to live happier, healthier, and more empowered lives.

Our commitment is clear: we’ll never sell ads or our users’ information. Premium subscriptions will help support our growth and mission.

Premium is available at a fair, yearly subscription price: $59.99 / year (or $4.99 / month, billed annually).

Discover the experience

Other product improvements

How to Journal ✍️

We created a new, guided Journey to clarify all the different ways a journaling practice can be a healthy, useful addition to your life. So that you can build the practice that best fits you.

Plus, if you want to see what Premium is all about, this free Journey includes all the features of other Premium guides.

Export 📝

You can also now export your Jour entries from your in-app profile if you want to save them somewhere, print them out, or share with someone else.


To our more than 200,000 journalers, thank you for joining the community. To everyone else, you are welcome to Jour, whether through our improved free features or our newly released Premium.

As a team we’re really excited about this next evolution of the Jour product and how it will enable our community to build an even more powerful practice.

We’re a small team trying to accomplish a big goal. And by signing up, you’re joining us and helping to make that mission possible.

We’re already hard at work on what will come next. And we want our community to be part of that too. If you have any feedback or thoughts to share, please reach out to us anytime at:

With care,

The Jour Team

Click here to download Jour from the App Store.


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