Jublia Continues to Successfully Power Digital Sourcing at One of Asia’s Largest Trade Fair

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Virtual Event Case Study: Autumn Sourcing Week 2020 | ONLINE

Following the roaring success of Summer Sourcing Week 2020, Jublia is delighted to announce that we once again partnered with Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) for their event. This time, it was the Autumn Sourcing Week which ran from 16 to 27 November 2020.

The event combined 11 trade shows into a single sourcing fiesta, allowing small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to stay connected with global buyers amidst the pandemic.

With our AI-driven matchmaking solutions, Jublia is proud to have facilitated networking opportunities across various industries such as electronics, eco tech, houseware, lighting and baby products.

Click2Match: Smart Business Matching driven by Artificial Intelligence

One of the main concerns for buyers during this period of uncertainty is the efficacy of online platforms in orchestrating seamless business meetings. With confidence in Jublia’s Match 360° Virtual solution, we were able to assure event attendees that their needs and demands would be met.

Following the positive feedback gathered from Summer Sourcing Week 2020, the Autumn iteration continued to utilise ‘Click2Match’, an AI-enabled business matching platform which provides buyers and suppliers with online self-service tools such as meeting planners, live chats, video meetings and e-business card exchanges.

A one-stop platform for buyers and suppliers.

Here are 3 powerful capabilities of Jublia’s Match 360° Virtual as highlighted by attendees:

1. 1-to-1 Video Meetings

With the pandemic restricting physical interactions, the value and importance of virtual meetings cannot be understated. The ease-of-use of Jublia’s virtual meetings ensured that buyers and sellers could focus on key business decisions.

The HKTDC’s Click2Match works very well and allows us to set up video meetings with new buyers easily and exchange contact details during the meetings.

– Managing Director, Yuga Group Co. Ltd, Hong Kong

Our first Click2Match video meeting so far was very successful. The video and sound quality are good, and the supplier made attractive offers.

– CEO, HJH Office GmbH, Germany

2. Messages Chat

On top of video meetings, the ability to send messages also heightened the user’s end-to-end experience. With this feature, buyers and suppliers could easily share documents, images and name cards all in the same platform.

Thank you for adding the chat option during the video meetings, it is now much easier to send business cards, emails and additional information through the chat option.

– CEO, Push It Ltd, Israel

Most of the meetings have been fruitful and the chat function in the video meeting room is a big advantage.

– Import Coordinator, Asgard Sp. z o. o., Poland

3. My Schedule

At a huge event such as Autumn Sourcing Week where buyers and sellers are networking round-the-clock, Jublia’s calendar integration and organisation ensured that users stayed up-to-date on their schedule.

ASWO is a good platform that saves us time and money and Click2Match provides timely notifications for getting messages, new meetings, updates, etc.

– Deputy Manager, Yaya Corporation, Korea

What I like most about the Click2Match platform is that once a meeting has been arranged with the supplier through the “Meeting Planner” function, both the video meeting and live chat can take place immediately.

– CEO, Redbean Corp, Korea

Key Figures and Takeaways

  1. Virtual Meetings: An Essential under the New Normal
    More than 200,000 total meeting requests were sent by buyers and exhibitors — this is twice the number of meeting requests from the Summer Sourcing Week! This twofold increase is testament to the indispensable value of virtual meetings.
  2. AI-Driven Matchmaking
    The event generated more than 10,000 visits/day and 50,000 profile views/day, amounting to over 200,000 total visits and over 1 million total profile views. These numbers were made possible using Jublia’s robust and personalised recommendations engine that constantly seeks to engage audience in doing more.
  3. Dynamic Communication
    While virtual meetings take centerstage, we must not neglect the functionality and practicality of instant messaging. More than 2,500 images, 1,300 files and 2,300 virtual name cards were exchanged through our Messages Chat feature!

Speak with us!

Here at Jublia, we always strive to be at the forefront of event technology. As event organisers transition to hybrid and virtual formats in these unprecedented times, it is understandable that doubts and uncertainty may arise. With more than 7 years of experience under our belt, we would be more than happy to address your concerns. If you are keen to know more about how we can successfully power your event, reach out to us at info@jublia.com or talk to anyone you know at Jublia!



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