Electronic ScoreBoard v1.0

4510 & 4511 Seven Seg Project #basicTronic 04

The idea is to build an electronic scoreboard.

The requirements are:

Two displays with 7 segments for each team able to scores from 0 to 99;

A decrement and a increment buttons to the score for each pair of display;

An on-off switch and preset button to score to 20;

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This is a electronic scoreboard Circuit.

Let’s fight!

The solution found in the link below credited.

We use the 4510 and 4511 chips.

The secret is in 4510 chip a presettable up and down counter.

We use 4 buttons to meet the above requirements:

Go Button: delivering a low pulse to advance or delay the scoring going for the pin CI — Carry In;

Up / Down Button: used to set the counter ahead or behind a pulse going for the pin U/D pin — Up and Down;

Reset Button: Used to reset the timers going for the pin MR — Master Reset;


Preset Button: used to set the pre-programmed into dip_switch values going for the pin PE — Preset;

To form the complete score simply duplicating the circuit.

Complete Project Schema

As always questions and comments are most welcome and thanks for watching.

I hope you’ve learned a lot. Join the fun!

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References & Credits:

4511 Datasheet

4510 Datasheet

PDF Project

Proteus Video — Origins

Inspiration for Project

Clube do Hardware-Contador up/down com 4510 e 4511

Clube do Hardware-Incrementar e decrementar com CI