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How to solo mine Kadena (KDA)

Get yourself an address
you can read more about generating an address here
Pool mining guide here

Mining with Noncer-Pro (Windows/Linux)

Download the latest Noncer-Pro miner for Windows

Extract the files to your desktop and edit the file named mine.bat

Change the default address to your PUBLIC address generated previously and choose a node with mining on from that list https://kadena.banteg.xyz/peers

Mining with TT-Miner Beta (Nvidia)

Windows Miner
Linux Miner

Extract on your desktop

Make a new .bat file or edit an existing one for windows to look like this
TT-Miner.exe -A BLAKE2S -coin kda -P https://MyPubKey⁣@node:port
For Linux use a command like this one
./TT-Miner -A BLAKE2S -coin kda -P https://MyPubKey⁣@node:port

You might need latest c++ runtime if you see a missing VCRUNTIME140_1.dll https://support.microsoft.com/ms-my/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads

Mining with Chungus (AMD/linux only)

Get the latest Chungus miner at https://github.com/kadena-community/bigolchungus

Instructions are in the readme

Looking up your balance

Enter your PUBLIC address on that website to see your current balance http://bigshoots.net/kadena/kadena-balance/

Known fixes

503/429 error : Use another node this one is used too much

unauthorized miner error : Use another node this one only allow access for a set of predetermined addresses



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