How to transfer KAVA Coins from our in-game wallet to Interstellar Exchange.

Minaz Vastani
Jul 12, 2018 · 2 min read

Step 1: Set up a Stellar wallet & add a Kava trustline.

If you have not done that yet, first go to

Step 2: Play our app, CasinoLife Poker, on mobile or web (PC/Mac) — links below.

There is a Kava wallet built into our mobile game. You can earn KAVA in numerous ways by playing CasinoLife Poker. We will also be using the in-game Kava wallet to deposit KAVA Coins to airdrop participants.

❗️Apple iOS App Store:
❗️Google Play App Store:
❗️Facebook (PC/Mac):

Step 3: Log in with Facebook (required) and click on KAVA WALLET on the bottom nav bar.

NOTE: If the Kava Wallet is not shown, play one hand of poker for wallet to appear.

Step 4: On the side nav bar, click send, enter your wallet address*, and the amount of KAVA you want to send. Click green Send button to complete.

*Wallet Address: Make sure to enter your correct wallet address to send KAVA. On Interstellar, click the area in the red circle (photo below) to copy your wallet public address. Then paste this address into the Recipient Field in the CasinoLife Poker Kava Wallet.

WARNING: If you click on KAVA, it will give you a Kava address. Do NOT send to this address. Only send to the main stellar wallet address as indicated above.

Step 5: Go to Interstellar and you’ll see your KAVA Coins in your Kava Wallet, at which point you can trade.

Kava Coin

Minaz Vastani

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CTO at Kava

Kava Coin

Kava Coin

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