10 Notion Templates To Inspire Your Use

A Gallery of Useful Ways to Use Notion

Notion, as we all know, has exceeded our expectations in 2018 as a powerful modular productivity software. One that balances the needs of both teams and personal users to create a workspace for getting things organized.

I’d like to share 10 examples of how you could apply Notion to your daily lives today from my own account and ways I’ve been playing around with Notion.

Remember you can explore Ben Lang’s Notion Pages if you’re looking for inspiration from the Notion community, it’s very expansive and growing.

1. Audit Your Coffee Shop Spend

Back in August, I used a short coffee shop tracker to track my spending amounts in coffee shops per day. This was in an effort to reduce too many unnecessary trips and save short streams of money.

2. Shortlist Your Paying Subscriptions

On the topic of money again, I tally up my paying subscriptions here as a way to see what I’m paying for currently. Typically I’m reviewing this list month to month to see if I need to reduce my spending on different tools.

3. Book Reading Manager

What’s up next on the reading list? This book manager helps me to keep a track of the books I’m reading or “Audibling” and move them across the pipeline. I’m aiming to make reading a priority in 2019.

4. Planning Content Creation

Notion is a neat spot to plan in and none better for bringing together a proposal for an idea you’ve been thinking of. Try using something like this if you’re exploring YouTube, blogging, Instagram posts etc.

5. Tracking Daily Health

One of my favourite recent routines is a daily health check, providing me with a window into my most important metrics. Stolen from Kevin Rose, I use a mini-dashboard to overview my efforts. As you can see I’ve slacked recently.

6. Marriage Name Change Checklists

If you’ve ever got married, or a newly wed, one of the worst things is changing your name. For my wife, we’ve been cracking down this list since June, letting everyone know. We used a color coded checklist in Notion to tally it all.

7. Sponsorship Planner

Whether you use it for clients or work, the kanban boards are very helpful for plotting out what’s upcoming and what could be. I use Notion as my planner and find it very useful for plotting out YouTube sponsorship.

8. Packing List for Holidays

Short or not so short, the packing list checklist is the perfect storage place for seeing all you need to bring. I’m so simple on holidays, but like to buy things before I go, so I keep a tally of how much I spent on all my items.

9. Master Reading List

Using a gallery view to see my inbox (only recent) I know tally all the articles I’d like to read in an inbox inside of Notion, a beneficial practice and stolen from the man, the legend David Pierce.

10. Organizing Giveaway Prizes

Yes, it can be used to plot out giveaway items and keep a track of who’s responded etc. Well worth it if you’re in a team and work with brands to do collective giveaways as well. Just another small and practical use of Notion.

What are your thoughts on Notion and how are you using it?!

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