Video Interview: Mr. Hamaguchi from NADJA

Original Language: Japanese | 日本語はこちら


Video Interview: Mr. Hamaguchi from NADJA

At NADJA, we use Hubspot to attract customers, automate marketing, and help companies implement it.
The rest of the time, we’re running it, measuring its effectiveness, and doing whatever else we want to do with it.
At the moment, I’m working with the team in Pakistan a lot.
We’re also working with a team in Pakistan, so we’re working with both Japanese and international team members.

What were some of the challenges you faced before installing Kiara?

I felt that there was a problem with the sense of unity within the company, as there was very little communication with the overseas teams.

How did Kiara solve the problem?

Even though our team members are fluent in both English and Japanese, it still takes a certain amount of time to do everything properly, but being able to communicate with them in Japanese on a chat basis really speeds things up.
So, in terms of using machine translation to facilitate communication, it has made communication faster and we don’t have to create documents every time.
It’s been very helpful.



Humans have been dreaming about flying like a bird. An AI should be a magical booster wing for humans. We focus on solving humans’ critical problems. We make humans fly to the next stage.

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