Kittie’s Weekend Throwup… er, Back with Google Translate

Week 2: Tortoise or Hare — Which?

This week’s selection for fun-poking and self-deprecation is Tortoise or Hare — Which? Languages are English-Haitian Creole-Lithuanian-Hungarian-Welsh-English.

A hair,
Do you have ears,
It should be a rabbit.
Go, go rabbit.
No, no.
Come on, Rabbit.
Run, run, run.
Give up — it’s not a dream.
Only one life, if you win.
Dreams fade, I hope the machine cast …
But look in the mirror.
The mask falls.
I’m not a rabbit.
You do not go, go, go.
Do not run, run, run.
My dream, my dream; I will not give up.
I can win, even if I’m slow.
A shell,
And also to balance.
I’m a Turtle.
Look, torture, ostensibly.
Look here, look, look around.
Go slow turtle.
Look, Plod, it seems.
dream waiting at the finish line.
Slowly, life wins.