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6 min readJun 1, 2021


The official month of family, May, was a huge month for Ground X. Despite many holidays, we have successfully launched a number of service launches, promotional events, and updates for customer convenience.

The May issue covers the stories below:

  1. Klaytn enters the NFT Market, Official release of Krafter Space 🎉
  2. Eat chicken at GS25 and claim your KLAY promotion 🍗
  3. Minting NFT Cards to Employees💪
  4. Interview with Benson, Ground X governance manager 🙈
  5. Shining the spotlight on Klaytn-Based Blockchain Service: MyTems📱

‘KrafterSpace’ Launch 🎉

KrafterSpace Landing Page

Ground X has recently entered the NFT market by launching ‘KrafterSpace’, a service that allows anyone to easily issue NFTs, on May 25th. We have established a virtuous cycle so that this platform allows not only artists but also ordinary people to become global NFT creators, making it easy to create NFTs and showing them off in the global market. Additionally, during the beta service period, all users can issue NFTs without any additional fees.

Release of KAS Help Center ver.1.0 & KAS automatic payment system upgrade

KAS Help Center Landing Page

We released ‘KAS Help Center ver.1.0’ on May 12, which is considered an integrated knowledge warehouse used by KAS users. It provides content that KAS users would usually be curious about.
In addition, now users can get feedback/answers from KAS developers by the addition of the ‘Inquiry and bug/disability report feature’ to share any questions or inconveniences users may have when using KAS.
Also, KAS has updated the payment method for customer convenience. Now with the upgrade in the automatic payment system, payments can be made directly from the console.

Klaytn v1.6.1 Release 💻

The main new features/improvements for Klaytn v1.6.1 are as follows:
- Added a condition sending a COMMIT message for resolving hash lock issue
- Fixed the prefetch logic for multiple txs of the same sender in a block
- Fixed invalid validator list in extraData of block headers
- Introduced execution deadline and max item limit for klay_getLogs and klay_getFilterLogs APIs
Introduced a metric to record hashLocked status
Added Staking Information API (governance.getStakingInfo)
- Introduced an option to limit concurrency limitation of HTTP-RPC server (rpc.concurrencylimit)

Buy chicken and claim your KLAY? GS25 X Klip Event 🍗

GS25 X Klip Promotion Poster

We held a promotional event with GS25 for a month starting from May 1st to 31st.
When you purchase chicken breasts and accumulate enough GS Points, participants are presented with stamps. The participants that have collected five stamps can claim their KLAY. This promotional event was a great example of incorporating blockchain into real life.

Linkage with OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT market🎊

Klaytn NFT Life Cycle

Klaytn has partnered up with the world’s largest NFT marketplace ‘OpenSea’ to bring non-fungible token market to its platform.
Through this connection, Klaytn-based NFT’s P2P transactions such as game items, characters, and artworks are supported. In addition, OpenSea accounts and Klaytn network-based Kaikas wallets can be linked-to sell Klaytn-based NFTs.

Jason Han joins Consensus Speaker Talk

Jason Han at Consensus

On the 25th, Jason Han, CEO of Ground X, participated as a speaker in the “Consensus 2021” Korean session alongside representatives of leading blockchain companies such as Dunamu and Line. Ground X is actively developing NFT services, and recently signed a business agreement with the world’s largest NFT trading site OpenSea.

How to work at Ground X 2021 — Minting NFT Cards to Employees💪

2021 — Minting NFT Cards to Employees
As 2021 marks the third anniversary of GroundX’s foundation, we have completed the Klaytn platform by launching several products, and based on this, we welcome a new leap forward. In order to advance the blockchain-based digital asset market, the HR and management team thought and worked hard on how the crews should work, and after a long time, created and announced three ways to do it.:

  1. Customer-centric 🧐 🏹
    Prioritizes customer value based on the needs and pain points of customers.

2. Trust to Trust 🙏 🔥 🤝
Trust other fellow crews and express your opinions freely, Orient conflict-free, and commit to matters that are decided.

3. Proactive 🧭 🚀 🌕
Actively seek out my role in the organization’s goals and directions and carry out my work self-directed.

There are ways to remind employees how to work at GroundX, such as putting up posters in the office, making goods, and distributing them to employees, but as a blockchain technology company dealing with digital assets, we decided to make a unique take, Issued NFTs into all employees Klip wallet for all to see at any time.

Interview with Klaytn Governance Manager, Benson


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Introducing Klaytn-based
blockchain services: MyTems📱

As Ground X focused mostly on NFT this month, we selected ‘MyTems’, a new NFT service platform, Which is a Klaytn-based blockchain service to introduce.

My Tems

MyTems is an intermediary platform that allows anyone to easily create NFTs and post them in the form of Social Media posts, which will eventually lead to sales and purchases.

MyTems is easily accessible, as it’s using a one-click login service through Kakao Klip.
Users can check and sell the existing NFTs which are stored in your Klip, Also, users can send the NFTs purchased by using Klip.
MyTems can produce NFT in the same way as existing Social Media, and because it runs on the Klaytn blockchain platform, anyone can produce it for free.
MyTems is the first SNS-based NFT platform that produces its own NFT in the form of posts and can communicate with other users through ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.

The public beta version is out and ready, Go have a look!

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