Klaytn’s 2nd batch of initial service partners

Hi there all,

Back on October 23rd, we announced the 1st batch of our initial service partners, consisting of 9 leading enterprises in various industry domains, ranging from games and entertainment all the way to healthcare, finance, etc., with massive user base to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Using the deployed Klaytn testnet, the partners work towards further reinforcing Klaytn’s ecosystem by releasing their DApp services at the time of mainnet launch, and will thereby contribute to the popularization of blockchain.

And today, we are proud to announce Klaytn’s 2nd batch of our 8 initial service partners. Here’s the great eight:

  1. Contents Protocol: Powered by ‘Watcha,’ a film rating and recommendation app with 4.5 million users, Contents Protocol will first be applied to Watcha Play and also other platforms covering a variety of contents including music, comics, and e-books
  2. Atlas: As a blockchain-based travel platform, Atlas connects all consumers and suppliers in the travel industry to a decentralized marketplace that incentivizes content creation, transaction, and consent-based data-sharing
  3. BORA: A game and digital content platform developed by Way2Bit, BORA provides solutions for vitalizing digital content service distribution and user participation using transparent transaction records on blockchain. BORA has also previously partnered with over 20 major game developers in Korea including ‘4:33,’ ‘Action Square,’ ‘Factorial Games,’ and ‘Thumbage.’
  4. SPIN Protocol: As an influencer driven-social commerce platform empowering social influencers with peer-to-peer commerce capabilities for the first time, SPIN Protocol allows users to work as global influencers and individual sellers by efficiently handling cross-border transactions, shipping, and customer service concerns
  5. Cloudbric: As a strategic partner to the global security technology vendor Penta Security, Cloudbric is a global security solution providing threat databased based on deep-learning AI technology
  6. INSUREUM: Operated by the healthcare startup Zikto, INSUREUM is a blockchain protocol that supports the development of novel insurance products. The protocol connects insurance companies, policy holders, and data providers to be shared in an automated, transparent, and simultaneous manner for easier data analysis, sales, and claims management of insurance products
  7. Knocknock: A blockchain-based ID verification service powered by the Singapore-based IDBook in technical partnership with WEWAY, Knocknock offers a social network for professionals with industrial-strength transparency and credibility
  8. Antube: As a blockchain-based mobile video entertainment platform powered by DATA, a U.S.-based digital data authentication and attention monetization project, Antube also works with Yomob that integrates global mobile ad networks including Google and Facebook to serve over 120 million monthly users. Antube shares its profit for ecosystem contributors from Korea, U.S., and other English-speaking countries

And this is how we’ve come so far!

We Klaytn prioritize our efforts on the mass adoption of blockchain-empowered services as to substantiate the value and utility of blockchain technology. In doing so, we are partnering with successful firms that have developed and operated services accruing millions of users, and the collaboration will contribute to building a user-friendly blockchain service. Together with our partners, we will take the blockchain industry to the next level by focusing on creating meaningful real use-cases, which stands as the next key challenge in our industry. And of course, we will continue to expand our partnerships.

More partnerships to be released soon, so make sure to follow our page, and in the meantime, the Klaytn Meets interview series is still going and going — stay tuned!

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