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Kleros-Blue Frontiers Partnership: Decentralized Justice for Floating Cities

New Governance Models for New Human Communities…

Federico Ast
Jun 14, 2018 · 3 min read

In the book Sovereign Individual (1999), James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg predicted the emergence of new types of communities where like minded individuals would live together beyond the limits of modern nation states (in that book, they also predicted the creation of a cryptographic privacy enabling currency, although they didn’t call it Bitcoin).

Those predictions, made as early as the 1990s, started to materialize in recent years in a number of initiatives connected to charter cities and even countries such as Liberland.

Founded in 2017, Blue Frontiers is a fascinating project working in this space. Its vision is to develop floating cities (‘Seasteads’) that will help combat sea level rise, an industry that is expected to grow significantly in the next 30 years. Their technology could potentially enable coastal habitants and entire island nations to add habitable land on the ocean for their residents.

A concept of Blue Frontiers Seastead Communities. The first Seastead is expected to be completed in 2020 and is planned for French Polynesia. It will be habitable by up to 300 people simultaneously.

We are proud to announce that Kleros has partnered with Blue Frontiers to provide decentralized justice for transactions in Seastead communities.

The arbitration process that Blue Frontiers will integrate into its governance framework can be laid out in four easy steps:

  • Users transacting within the Seastead ecosystem create a smart contract and select Kleros as the adjudication protocol.

“Our Seasteads are specifically designed to facilitate innovation in how humans choose to model habitation, form communities and govern their affairs”, explains Randy Hencken, Co-Founder of Blue Frontiers and Director of The Seasteading Institute. “By adopting the pioneering objective arbitration protocol developed by Kleros, we will allow our communities and the ecosystems they interact with to settle disputes fairly, securely and efficiently”.

In the past, we announced partnerships with platforms innovating in e-commerce and payments. Blue Frontiers is innovating in community building.

New communities are fertile soil for new models of governance. And, in particular, for the new approach we propose at Kleros. We are happy to start working with Blue Frontiers in the development of the governance of the future.

A new step for advancing our vision towards fast, affordable and secure justice.

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The Justice Protocol. A Dispute Resolution Layer for the decentralized age

Federico Ast

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The Justice Protocol. A Dispute Resolution Layer for the decentralized age

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