Knowledge Update — KNW Balance Sync

Knowledge is pleased to announce that KNW balances in the Knowledge Account and TriviaSpar have been synced!

KNW Tokens that are earned in TriviaSpar, will now display in the Knowledge Account real time.

Knowledge Account — TriviaSpar KNW Balance Sync

Tokens earned in the Knowledge Ecosystem, from TriviaSpar to the KnowledgeBot will sync when logged into the Knowledge Account on both platforms. KNW Token balances can be used in both the in-app store in TriviaSpar, and the Knowledge Marketplace in the Knowledge Account.

When an item is purchased in either store, the KNW Token balance across both platforms will update.

To register for a Knowledge Account follow this link:

To download TriviaSpar follow this link:

Knowledge Account Overview Guide

For the full Knowledge Account v1.0 overview guide, including setup details and validation please visit this Medium post:

Knowledge Account FAQ

The full Knowledge Account FAQ can be read on the following Medium post: