Best DApps on the NEO Blockchain

NEO is a decentralized platform for DApps also known as the “Ethereum of China”. The NEO blockchain allows for easy DApps deployment with the use of common programming languages, such as C, C++, Java and JavaScript. Another special feature of NEO is a separation between two tradable assets within the network — NEO GAS and NEO shares, where GAS is the “fuel” of the blockchain and NEO shares provide token holders with blockchain governance features.

The project was funded by two crowdsales with the first one taking place in October 2015. The goal of the project is development of the distributed network for smart economy that includes three main components — digital assets, digital identity and smart contracts. Up to date there are quite a lot of DApps built on the NEO blockchain. This review covers some of the most interesting of these DApps.


Category: Exchange


NEX is a platform for high performance decentralized exchange and payments that combines the NEO blockchain with an off-chain matching engine enabling faster and more complex trades comparing to other decentralized exchanges. It provides high trade volume, payment service, complex order types, cross-chain trading between NEO and Ethereum blockchains, and NEX wallet extension enabling quick and seamless coordination between NEX, DApps and websites.


Category: Marketplace


Moonlight is a decentralized workforce marketplace providing a smart contract based matchmaking algorithm that gives recommendations based on correspondence of users’ skillset with the project needs. Key features of the project include resource identification, advanced project coordination, trustless resumes; remittance, project crowdfunding, and decentralized staffing. The goal of the project is to facilitate recruitment of talents through matching them to projects needs.


Category: Service


MyWish is a decentralized full cycle platform for creating customized NEO smart contracts without coding. It provides a smart contracts library, a marketplace, as well as an innovative smart contract calling system to ensure contract execution and integration with other blockchains. The project has already launched a set of smart contracts for different use cases such as crowdsale, airdrop, investment pool, and more. Up to date MyWish has over 5 thousand users and over 3,3 thousand created contracts.


Category: Media


Adex is a blockchain-based advertising network. The core feature of the project is usage of personalized pages allowing end users to understand and control the ads delivered to them. The network allows businesses to reach their target audience and us their marketing budgets in the most efficient way. It also enables the users to monetize their influence by providing quality traffic to the trusted advertisers. Adex was initially built on the Ethereum blockchain, but last August the company announced its decision to use the NEO blockchain.


Category: Marketplace


Travala is a global travel booking marketplace with zero commission fees. The platform connects consumers directly with vendors reducing third party interaction with the use of the NEO blockchain. It is meant for all participants of the travel industry and provides trusted, transparent and secure environment for p2p communication between them. The platform is powered by AVA tokens which provide utility to the multilayer aspects of the platform.

🔍 A full list of NEO DApps:

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