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KTI VIP Member Benefits

1) Coin recommendations — We provide you with strong short, medium to long term buy signals. Coin markets move extremely fast and time is indeed money. By knowing which coins will rise in value a bit earlier,you can earn quite nicely.

2) Our recommendations are based on both technical analysis (charts, supply, demand analysis, and whale movements) and fundamental analysis (whitepaper, market news, coin development) along with multiple years of trading experience.

3) As we have seen, Asian markets have become very important in the cryptocurrency market. We have sources in Korea, China and Japan and we can bring you rumors and news which have a very significant and material impact on the prices of different altcoins.

As a monthly (0.02 BTC) or weekly (0.01) member,

  1. You will have a access to our private channel where you will receive both Short, Mid, Long, Hodl, Bitmex, Bitcoin, Arbitrage Signals, Crypto Score System Signals also investment recommendations and a list of coins that are very likely to be raise.
  2. Daily 5 -10 signals
  3. Unique Signal Ranking System : More Info : http://bit.ly/ktiranking
  4. Personal assistance with your portfolio
  5. Councling and support.
  6. Monthly Crypto Report > 100 $ dollar worth
  7. Training materials about trading, psychology, best sources, trading videos, strategies, news , signal bots, tools
  8. Inside traders group where you can talk and work together with other KTI traders.
  9. Daily trading system report which is scoring and analysing crypto markets 24/7 (Coming soon )

As a yearly member (0.1 BTC per year)
1) All the benefits of Vip Member
2) Few hour meeting to help you get started with everything.
3) KTI Passive earning program

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