Kuende & STEX Exchange Partner-Up To Explore Community Engagement

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3 min readMay 27, 2021


The third and final piece in May’s Announcement Plan is here - I am happy and also thrilled to announce that STEX Exchange and Kuende are now becoming partners!

Before going into further details and the scope of this partnership, I would like to state that one of the main reasons we decided to pick STEX as the “first” exchange for relaunching the KUE Token, organizing a trading competition plus an AMA and to also explore a potential partnership, is because of their professional and open minded team. Within 1 month we were able to brainstorm, strategize and organize everything and that is something that I care about a lot!

Scope Of Partnership

There are different opportunities and ways to add value from a business perspective, but most importantly, for both parties, it is the community engagement! This stands as the ground floor in most of the things that we want to achieve with this partnership.

The main plan for both communities (Kuende’s current and future users and also the existing and future STEX traders), is to find creative ways to engage on the Kuende’s current social network version. Some of the ideas that we have brainstormed are:

Challenges: in which STEX will be launching different type of Challenges (with or without rewards) that act like Q&As, creative content or competitions (co-created with us or/and future partners, with prizes in different tokens).

Crypto-Voice: using the Discovery Feed to post relevant, fresh and self-curated content, about blockchain technologies and innovations, tokens and NFTs use cases or crypto news and updates.

Live Support: explore ways to use our Chat Feature for some support related use cases.

On our end, just to name a few, we will be looking to support them with:

  • a clear pathway for our users (over 18 years old) to have the direct option to purchase KUE from their platform
  • full support on any bugs/features that are relevant to fix/develop
  • verified account
  • airdrop campaigns
  • co-develop different widgets/features that can enhance the user’s overall experience

About STEX

STEX is a multi-currency cryptocurrency trading platform with more than 300,000+ users registered that focuses on crypto-to-crypto spot trading. It uses state of the art security to safeguard the platform. It aims to create a global marketplace where individuals are able to invest in a diverse range of blockchain assets.

Established in 2018, STEX is a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy to buy, sell and invest digital currencies. Users can choose from more than 400+ trading pairs, purchase crypto with credit or bank cards, and exchange fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat with a few swipes on their mobile device.

Founded in Estonia, STEX meets all EU regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges. You can find more about them on:

Website: STEX.com
Twitter: twitter.com/StexExchangeR
Telegram: t.me/stexcomtg

Moving forward, we are in the early stages of our partnership and both parties have a step-by-step approach, but the good part is that we are moving fast! By the end of June we have projected that STEX’s journey on Kuende will be ready to begin, with a verified and personalized Kuende profile for their needs, custom referral link and most likely their first Challenge.

I welcome STEX, our new partner and wish us both initiative, wisdom and patience!

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