About My Lady Pieces

Let me explain

Look at all that feminism.

Lady Pieces is a satirical magazine for women by women. Just kidding. Everyone’s welcome. I don’t know what I’m doing.

Ellie, why?

I really like websites like Reductress and The Onion (RIP StarWipe and long live ClickHole) and I thought it would be cool to have something like that on Medium where anyone could contribute. I’m aware a satirical publication isn’t the most unique idea on earth but I’ve yet to see one on Medium that skewers women’s magazines.

The other day I saw an article on StyleWatch about what keychain is right for your Zodiac sign. That’s an actual magazine that cost me money. Someone has to make fun of that!

Can I contribute?

Of course! We have some rules:

  • Make me (and hopefully in the future other editors) say “that’s funny” [which isn’t hard considering that my favorite thing on earth currently is a video entitled “Breakdancer Kicks Baby”]
  • We ask that you attach a free to use photograph with your post (this post has great resources to find a photo) but if you can’t find one we will add one of our choice
  • Don’t be an asshole. If your piece is a blatant attack on a population or person we’re not going to publish it. You can always take it someplace else.
  • Have fun! Let your freak flag fly.
  • We’re mostly looking for: dumb beauty tips, dumb sex tips, pseudointellectual crap (something like “How My Iced Coffee Made Me An Atheist”), and essentially anything funny! Let’s get ridiculous.

How do I submit?

You have two ways of doing this. You can send an email to ladypiecesmag@gmail.com with a link to your draft or piece on Medium (we accept published pieces as long as they aren’t already posted to another publication) or you can do it via Medium’s method with the little arrow thingy if you’ve already been accepted as a Lady Pieces writer. If you have questions, email us!

Do you pay for pieces?

We do not pay for pieces as the publication is free to read and we do not spend or make money on it at this time. Maybe if I marry a rich dude at some point I’ll steal his money and funnel it into Lady Pieces.

Are you Trans inclusive?

Yes! We are hella LGBTQ friendly over here at Lady Pieces. This also goes for disabilities, race, religion, etc. We will not publish posts that attack others. “Shock” humor that’s just attacking others is neither good nor welcome.

Who the hell is this “Ellie Guzman” person?

She’s just a simple small Latina trying her best.

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