Photo by Amadeo Valar on Unsplash

by: E.B. Johnson

More of us are feeling more lost, confused and stuck than ever before. No matter where you look, you see someone dealing with hardship and someone looking for a light. …

A vintage suitcase (tucked in a pile) reads, “You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go.”
Image by twenty20photos via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

The dreaded long distance relationship. Even the idea of it makes some people cringe. Imagine it, a partner who lives on the other side of the country, or even the world. You see each other only on holidays, and you spend years apart trying to coordinate date…

A woman stares blankly at her phone. Her feet are propped up on a suitcase.
Image by Click_and_Photo via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

We’ve all been there. The first date goes stellar and then you go home excited to try it all over again. Unfortunately, that phone call never comes the next day. Or the next. You may try to call them. You may try to text. Nothing. Radio silence…

A dark door stands closed in a bright red brick wall.
Image by Maciejbledowski via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

Our lives are a series of opportunities and experiences constantly in collision with one another. When one “door” closes — be that a relationship, a career, or just opportunity in general — another one opens. Sometimes that door is forced open by us, wedged wide by our…

Image by diego_cervo via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

Has your relationship been shattered by infidelity? There are few actions more damaging to the trust and vulnerability that form our partnerships. When your partner cheats on you, it creates a doubt that permeates into the space between you. Addressing that doubt is a process, and one…

Image by Rawpixel via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

Do every one of your dates end in failure? Maybe they just fizzle out, or you never seem to close on that second date phone call. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. So many people struggle to healthily manage the trials of dating life. It’s…

A sexy couple embrace one another in the afternoon sunlight.
Image by nd3000 via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

Are you and your partner struggling to connect in the bedroom? Maybe you’re desperate to connect, but they aren’t interested. What’s going wrong? There can be a lot of issues that prevent us from opening up intimately with our partners. Our needs change, we get our feelings…

Image by Prostock-studio via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

More and more, I come to realize that my clients do not know what makes up a truly toxic relationship. I sit on the other end of the line as they recount abusive encounter after abusive encounter. Each time, they quickly follow up with justifications and major…

A mysterious middle-aged woman thumbs her glasses as she stares directly into the camera.
Image by YouraPechkin via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

There’s no escaping that midlife crush. We all have that moment when we look around and ask ourselves, “What am I doing?” We have a sudden realization that time is not on our side, and that we’re simultaneously not getting everything that we want. That’s how we…

A depressed man hangs his head sadly while thinking intrusive thoughts.
Image by stevanovicigor via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

Our thoughts are the foundation on which we build our lives. Their quality reflects the quality of life we build for ourselves. They affect our relationships, our careers, and the way we interact with the world. When you dwell in a world of self-doubt, self-loathing, or just…

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