We Need Writers and Editors!

This blog is very new, actually only about two weeks old since this post was published. That’s very young. To help this site get to a great start and steadily become a much more better blog, we need your help to write, edit, and publish articles onto this blog! What do you need to do?

First, join as a user on Language Learning Stack Exchange. To ensure, you’re not a spammer or completely clueless on how we work at the main site, gain some reputation to prove yourself as a good user that understands the site well. Sure, you can properly edit two posts and get yourself a bonus 4 rep to 5 rep but try to write a few answers and questions: it’s similar to writing an article.

Next, go to this question in Language Learning Meta. Follow the instructions in the accepted answer (marked with a green check mark) to add your usernames so we know who you are. Newer people will get writer and will be promoted to editor once we decide you deserve the position. More experienced users will immediately get the role of editor.

Then, once you are added to the blog’s staff, read the “Welcome to the Blog!” to understand more about what to write and how this blog works. Then, make an introduction post and start writing! To learn more and connect with fellow writers and editors, visit our chat room as well.