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Distinguishable Glyphs in Coding Fonts

Because typos => bugs


I’m comparing Monoid to other fonts and I’ll point out things I’ve chosen to do differently based on the priorities discussed in part 1 — legibility, compact and pretty.

The importance of discernibility

  1. We don’t want typos messing up our code
  2. We often “scan” quickly through the code sometimes looking for a special letter
  3. We code at small font sizes where letters can be more difficult to tell apart


I’ll show a bunch of examples and try to explain any terminology along the way.


I’m showing these images a blown up sizes because it makes it easier to spot the details. They should really be judged at your prefered coding size.

Rounded outer part + horizontal centre element

The apertures (the opening in the letters) and the stem on the a is what is used to tell these letters apart. The a in Fira has a hook that would be preferable to use but it didn’t fit the overall design of Monoid.

The End

I hope you learned something:) Next I’ll probably brush up the ligatures article.

You can find parts of this article and future articles in this video. Recorded at Netcompany in Copenhagen.



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