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Reset Your latakoo Password

Retrieve a lost password

Flight App for Mobile

If you cannot remember your latakoo password, there is a password recovery link in the Flight app, as well as on Using these links will reset your password and resend your welcome email with a temporary password.

In the Flight app, the sign-in dialogue has a link to reset your password. This appears if you are not signed into the app.

There’s a password recovery link within the desktop Flight application.

If you are already signed into the app, look for a reset password link under Options, General tab.

Click on Options in the app, then go to the General tab.

Can’t login to The sign-in page has a link to recover a lost password. Look on the right side of the page for the link.

Don’t see the email? Check your spam or junk mail folder.

We made the text bigger, so it’s easy to find!

Reset a password

If you want to change your password once you’re signed in to, the controls are under Manage.

Manage unlocks personal settings such as email passwords and preferences.
Click on the Personal Profile to find more settings.

Click on the Personal Profile icon.

This is an important step! Make sure you click “Edit” on the top left of the window, or your changes won’t be saved.

Next, Click on the plus “+” sign beside the words “Change password.” Type your new password and click “Save.”

You’re all set!

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