Ledger: A Look Back at 2020

Julien Brissonneau
Ledger Investing
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2 min readJan 6, 2021


The Ledger team would like to express our gratitude. The company's journey is only possible thanks to the extraordinary support from clients and investors during the past year. Before embarking on a new year, we would like to take an opportunity to reflect on the past year.

2020 was a big year for Ledger. Here are a few highlights, in no particular order:

Revenue — Ledger was given the opportunity to help risk originators to place large blocks of casualty risks into the capital markets. Our company entered into strategic agreements to provide a one-stop-shop for capacity flow into the capital markets.

Analytics — Our redesigned database structure allows for quicker access to the largest data collection in our company history. We are now able to run at-scale simulation models of the US insurance industry in record time. Through our proprietary combination of data, analytics, and real-time computing we are able to deliver unprecedented transparency, objectivity, and reliability in the rating of insurance risks to institutional investors.

Series A — Ledger secured its $10m Series A funding round. Standardized structures provide a scalable platform to deliver insurance securitization at scale. This investment will fuel Ledger to further its mission of building the next $1+ trillion asset class. More here.

The amazing Team — We have been rapidly growing our world-class team. In the past few months alone, our team has nearly doubled in size. We are fortunate that many outstanding talents have joined the Ledger team. Check our hiring page for more.

Fully remote — For the first time in our company history, we have decided to move away from the standard physical office model. We believe in hiring the best talent — irrespective of geographical location. We are committed to allowing employees to help us build the new standard of insurance financing while living where they want to live.

We’re looking to 2021 with optimism. We have a lot of exciting opportunities and innovative products planned for 2021. For example, coming soon is our new Risk Portal expanding the capabilities of the Ledger platform. The new portal is set to launch in early 2021 and will more efficiently provide MGAs and brokers with access to licensed insurers and capital.

We will soon send early invites.

The best is yet to come, thank you again for your support!

The Ledger team

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