Immigration Reform

America’s tradition is to welcome immigrants to this country. Almost all of us have ancestors who came here, and very few with a visa issued in advance. We need to recognize that among us Americans, there are millions of Americans who are not yet citizens, but should be. I would support the most inclusive and speedy path to citizenship for all but those proven to have engaged in serious crime.

As President, I would push to pass the DREAM Act. I would also work with Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform that would give all deserving Americans not yet citizens a speedy path to citizenship. I would end the inhumanity of detention centers that deny the most basic dignity to those they hold.

The forces that have blocked immigration reform in America are not directly tied to money in politics. But they are linked to the dysfunction produced by a politically gerrymandered House of Representatives. The Citizen Equality Act would change the polarized nature of Congress. It would stop the ability of a tiny fraction of America to hold our Congress, and hence our nation, hostage.

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