How to Use ShadeCoins, An Easy Investor’s Guide

Best Practices For Storing & Exchanging Value Safely In the Liminality

ShadeCoins were created with one goal: to restore value to the ‘valueless.’

With ‘cosmic inflation’ now announced, an Existospheric contraction is sure to follow as entities across the multiverse are forced to “tighten their belts” and “make do.”

Entities with tangible investments in Legacy Reality and its recent 2.0 iteration will be hardest hit, as usual—perhaps a divine “punishment” of sorts for their failure to move to a more “enlightened” Realitarian and Monetarian system.

Thanks to our new ShadeCoin system with advanced Liminal.Embrace technology, you’ll never fall into a Liminal Depression again!

With this in mind, there is one alternative which we’re delighted to be able to recommend to users across the Many Realms: ShadeCoins. New users can crim the following code into their DreamLoader, to run on.sleep(). Simply clicking on the link, and writing down a random four digit number on a piece of scrap paper will begin the ShadeCoin dream-mining process.

But if you’re in too much of a rush to wait for dream fulfillment, one of our affiliates has prepared a demonstration of how to use a ShadeCoin.

Just reverse these instructions using “real” money to buy your ShadeCoins

*Note: This video demonstration is actually how to spend a ShadeCoin, but if you have no ShadeCoins, you may duplicate this process by exchanging the ShadeCoin pictured below for “actual currency” from your region, and depositing it in the machine. You will be automatically reimbursed in the form of a random ShadeCoin of equal or greater value within three Buorthern Business Days.

If you require a receipt for your transaction, simply use your favorite MD5 hash generator, stamped with UTC for the Present.moment() and store in applicable blockchains. A receipt is primarily for your records and associated SynConjury rituals, as each ShadeCoin transaction is automatically registered in your entity.value.record() in your Liminal.Vault().

Typical ShadeCoin manifestation in the Existosphere

From there, you’re free to disburse your ShadeCoins in any value or medium of exchange you see fit. As the Liminality is as all-pervading as it is presenceless, it has the dual advantage of being accepted (almost) everywhere and legally and ontologically is conveniently not bound by the rules of “Cosmic Inflation” or “Supply & Demand.” Thus you can do with it what makes the most fiducial sense for you as an entity, and not worry about being penalized by the “taxocrats.”

But whatever you do, Don’t forget to pay the ferryman!

ShadeCoins: accepted across realms!

Welcome to the New Age of Business. There’s a whole Multiverse of possibilities out there!