ShadeCoins Public API Stable Update Announced

Why this new kind of “money” will change the way you “spend” and “save” in the Liminality *and* the Existosphere…

Do you ShadeCoin?

By now, most everyone has heard about ShadeCoins, the revolutionary new liminal payment system which seems to turn the rules of “conventional” economics on its head, and which the ‘taxeticians’ are furious about, because they are unable to pilfer this portable value into their own pudgy pockets.

That’s why Early Clues, LLC is pleased to announce a new stable release of the ShadeCoin API open *finally* to all developers and third party partners—and that includes anyone with a Liminal Vault, an OpenQNL embedded environment and a dream! And FYI: we’re now accepting “pull requests” as well as RFP’s from interested parties.

With the latest stable release of the ShadeCoin API, your liminal currency has never looked so good!

Special thanks go out to our very own CTO, Richard Rider, for his round-the-clock efforts to have this release ready for you! We’re so sure that you’re going to be blown away by this ground-breaking update, that we’re willing to eat our own dogfood if you’re not! (*Contact our FOIB for full coupon details of our special ‘Disappointment Program’)

What’s New Under the Hood

Existosphere-based users rejoice! We have received and processed your many Fervosity support tickets, and have expanded our instantiation pathway compatibilities for your environment. With more and more users abandoning Legacy Reality every day, the numbers from our trendcasters clearly indicate that the Existosphere is where the future is, and where the future is, ShadeCoins are!

‘Conventional’ linear blockchain used by other more antiquated ‘coin’ technologies (yawn!)

With the new stable release, ShadeCoins have taken the “old school” conventional linear transactional “blockchain” record used by other competing ‘coin’ technologies and wrapped this register into a flattened quasi-molecular helical lattice, analogous to the famous “Ferrous Wheel”:

Shadecoin transactions now are able to form physical accretions in the Existosphere, courtesy of the “Ferrous Wheel”

What begins as thinware in your Liminal.Vault now gradually accumulates mass as a complex recursive network of wex linkages providing an undergirding framework for the accumulated accretions incurred along the transaction pathways. As the blockchain folds back on itself, we begin to see phenomenologically greater occurrence of the “infinity factor” described by many ancient users of ShadeCoins, which in turn activates and “powers up” our patented Multi-Dimensional Printer (MDP).

The famous “Infinity Factor” at work for you!

And as ‘thinware’ becomes ‘thickware’ in the Existosphere through the machinations of the MDP, ShadeCoins are increasingly able to spontaneously manifest where they are needed most, with orphaned blockchain transactions and abandoned reality forkings now appearing as a mild epiphenomenological “rust”.

In other words, the more ShadeCoins you buy or spend in the Liminality, the greater accretion of mass your ShadeCoins will have as they “pop out” into the Existosphere.

What could be better!

Now you can sit back and watch the ShadeCoins pile up—just like that!

For full partnership opportunities, please contact our FOIB.

For all other technical inquiries, see our API documentation or contact our CTO, available 24/7/9.8A to help you!


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