WordPress Plugin to Turn “Likes” into Income

The fact is that no matter how many “Likes” your work has got, you cannot earn any income directly — in the past. There is a good news for you now if your content website is WordPress-based: There is a way to turn Likes into income now, and all you need is just a simple, free plugin.

The LikeCoin WordPress is available for download now. You can enable a LikeButton in your posts after installing the plugin to get Likes from your reader, and gain income accordingly.

Installation Guideline

  1. Login into WordPress web administration page. (if the URL is www.abc.com, the admin page will be www.abc.com/wp-admin in general.)
  2. Choose “Plugin” item in the menu on the left, and then click “Install Plugin” (as shown below)

3. Search for the keyword “LikeCoin”, find out the plugin, and click “install”.

4. You can find the LikeCoin Plugin section on the control panel, click “Your LikeButton” and follow the instruction on the screen to insert LikeButton to your article.

Getting Paid

Go ahead to get as many Likes as you can to earn the LikeCoins, as simple as that.

Turning Likes into income

Releasing Bonus Everyday

The LikeCoin Foundation is releasing LikeCoin bonus everyday via campaigns. Check out the current campaign here, don’t miss it!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead to install the plugin and start earning!

more information:

Build the Ecosystem

LikeCoin plan to distribute 50% of the total issued tokens to content creators in ten years, to provide incentives to facilitate a diversified, plenty content consumption ecology, so “Content worth a price” can be realised finally. Read the Whitepaper of LikeCoin if you want to know more.

Add LikeButton to All Posts by Just One Click

A new version of the plugin is going to be released next week, that is, within Aug 2018. The most important enhancement is to let the webmaster to add the LikeButtons to all posts by just one click so that you don’t need to add the button post by post. Please stay tuned to the update.

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About LikeCoin
LikeCoin ( https://like.co ) is a movement to reinvent the Like and rewards content creators. LikeButton is placed under creative contents, and generates rewards for the creators when clicked.

Don’t be missed out. Stay informed on LikeCoin.