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Highlights and Announcements — Lit Up: January’s Newsletter

DiAmaya Dawn
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4 min readJan 14, 2018


Hello all!

Our first newsletter for 2018 is here and honestly, I’m so excited to present all those awesome tales.

As you may have seen in the previous newsletter, I will be sending you our news and highlights every two weeks instead of every week, and even though this decision gave me the extra time I needed, I realised today that it’s too difficult to include all the great tales we publish every day on Lit Up! I did my best to highlight the top of the top ones and I will consider adding an extra newsletter for the months that have just too many brilliant tales :)

Let’s see first some of those beautiful tales written by this awesome, creative gang, and I will see you at the bottom of the list to continue with our news.

Audios on Lit Up

Sylvia Heike Mother?

Elizabeth Fitzgerald A Foggy Night

Pat Link It was Supposed to Snow

emma poe Into the Mystic

Alexandro Chen KFC B&B

A Maguire Divine Curse

Gerald Reid One Hour — Short Story

I hope you’ll enjoy all reads (I know I did)

Now on to our prompt.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we have two themes running for this month’s prompt: “Winter” and “Things We Left Behind”.

I have published just the first round:

Pamela Edwards Living in a tree house, you pine for the forest.

Jennifer Ponig Venetian Snow

Patricia Petersen My Birth Country

Ashwini Dodani Inhibitions

Terri Kue Finally Free

johnronand How to Start the Year

And I have a bunch more, one tale better than the other one.

The second round will be up soon, submissions are still open, and I’m really looking forward to reading all wonderful entries.

Now, once more, I want to really thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for your extraordinary support.

We just started this publication a few months ago, and in what seemed a moment we have grown to have 900 followers (our first thousand followers is just around the corner, can you imagine? 🙏) and I’ve actually lost count of the writers. I am so grateful, I can’t put this into words — I’m sure I’d fail if I tried. So THANK YOU. It couldn’t have happened without all of you who trusted us with your reading time, nor without our wonderful writers who thought Lit Up to be a worthy home for their tales.


I hope to be worthy of your trust, and Lit Up to be a publication that will never settle for any less than top quality reads.

Also, thank you, A Maguire. You have been a blessing for me since you joined the editorial. I’m so glad to have you around ❤ Thank you!

Another big thank you to all of you who also supported me personally by following my personal profile and by reading my own tales. Thank you! It means a lot to me.

I wish you all an awesome 2018, full of smiles, love, real moments, happiness and creativity.

And for those who want to join our creative gang, here’s a link to our submission guidelines

Until next time, don’t forget to live, love, and create.

The world needs you :)

Much love to all of you,

DiAmaya Dawn



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