Introducing “Let’s Watch It!” for iMessage

Kris McDonald
Apr 12, 2017 · 2 min read
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Right on the heels of our success with “Let’s Puck It!”, Little Labs is proud to announce “Let’s Watch It!”, an exciting new way to experience videos together with your friends in iMessage!

After watching millions of users engage with our previous iMessage apps, we’ve learned that that people want to communicate in more entertaining and engaging ways. By layering things like video content into existing communication platforms, people are adding fuel to their conversations and expressing themselves in new & exciting ways.

Our team took these learnings to heart and applied them to our latest iMessage app, “Let’s Watch It!”

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Let’s Watch It! allows users to watch videos together and react in real-time via their front-facing camera and fun social interactions.

Users can choose live-streaming videos on YoutubeLive & Twitch or search for that perfect video on Youtube (with more channels coming soon). Then, simply send to your friends and experience the videos together. With front-facing cameras, microphones, emojis & text, you’ll see everyone’s reaction in real-time. It’s like being in the same room, even if you’re worlds apart!

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Let’s Watch It! is like group FaceTiming while enjoying videos

Today’s worldwide launch of Let’s Watch It! is just the beginning. Our team is already looking at other ways to enhance the shared video experience with entertainment layers such as filters, avatars and games.

Stay tuned to see what Little Labs is working on next. In the meantime, check out Let’s Watch It! & experience those laser cat videos with friends.

-Little Labs Team

Little Labs

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