The Pets of Localz

One of the best things about working at Localz — in both our London and Melbourne offices — is that we can bring our pets to the workplace. And as we continue to grow significantly, the number of pets coming to the office has also grown.

So, we decided to feature some of the cute little critters on today’s Advent Calendar blog post.

(We could go on and explain why bringing pets are good for the workplace and they stimulate your workers — but mainly, this is just an excuse to showcase the cute dogs and cats we have.)

My name is Teddy, I’m a mini-groodle (a mix of golden retriever and mini poodle) which means I really like food but I’m very picky. I love walkies, treats and spending time with my humans. I know heaps of tricks, I just don’t always like to do them when asked. If you see me in the street come and say hi, it’ll be a pleasure to lick you.

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Hi, my name is Hilda. I am a black beauty (lab). I was born with a mission to protect Australian borders using my good nose work (which also means I love food!). However, after 3 interviews with various agents, I discovered my true purpose in life and decided to stay with my human family forever. I am a good girl, and love people 😃

You can find me on Instagram if you’d like to follow my stories (P.S. I share my account with my sister Loni, who is now working at Japan Customs)

Woof! My name is Cupid. I am a maltalier (cross between cavalier and maltese) and I am good at pats, collecting the paper, and lying in the sun. I will be your best friend if you have food, especially if you are already eating it at the dinner table.

Hey losers, my name is Hendricks. I’m one of those “asshole for no reason” cats. Other than licking myself and trashing my mum’s house, I like to appear on various marketing materials with my tongue out. If you want something broken, or impossibly furry, I’m your guy 👍

Miaow! I’m Sylvester, I love getting pats, and will boop my head against your face whenever I get the chance. I sleep all day and all night, except when I’m following you around the house until you turn around at which point I’ll act aloof, ‘cause I don’t care about you at all. Not even a little bit. (Okay, a maybe a little..) 🐾

This blog post is part of the 2018 Localz Advent Calendar series. You can read the rest of the blog posts in the series here.

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