LockTrip Releases the MVP Version of its Blockchain

Dear LockTrippers!

As of today, we have officially completed our research & development phase and are now releasing the MVP version of the LockTrip Blockchain. Test it yourself!

But first things first..

Which Features are included in the MVP Version?

  • Staking feature
  • Scalability achieved (150+ TPS)
  • Full Support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Ability to run any smart contract (including LRC20 tokens)
  • Shared economy (50% of the network fees go to the mother smart contract)
  • Gas cost is fixed (set by us)
  • Wallets/Nodes for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Blockchain Explorer
  • Faucet to claim test-LOCs

Which ones are missing?

  • Governance (stakers being able to vote for the gas price and additional parameters of the blockchain → not fixed by us anymore)
  • Gas price oracle — the component which will determine the gas price in fiat equivalent of LOC
  • Level 2 nodes with the distributed database and a messaging bridge between DAPPS
  • Adding 2FA to the wallets to make them more secure

→ Those features will be added with the release of the testnet, which will have full functionality of the mainnet.

What can you test?

The MVP version of our blockchain is already running and waiting for you to test it. You will see some transaction waves from time to time, which are most probably tests done from our side.

We have prepared an introduction for you (takes a few minutes only):

View our Blockchain Explorer

The Blockchain Explorer displays real and live activity on our blockchain, including mined blocks, transactions and mining rewards.

Short Introduction to the Blockchain Explorer

→ Download your LockTrip Wallet !!DO NOT SEND REAL LOCS TO THIS WALLET!!

The Wallet includes staking functionality which you can test with (fake) test-LOCs.

Short Introduction to the LockTrip Wallet + Download Link

Claim your test-LOCs from the Faucet (please read the Introduction to the LockTrip Wallet first)


From now on, you can claim your test-LOCs and actively participate in the testing period of the LockTrip Blockchain. You can also observe the activity of others. The Blockchain Explorer can be seen as the LockTrip version of Etherscan.

You can stake your test-LOCs or send them to other test-wallets. More information about this can be read in the introduction above.

The more people join this initial testing period, the more realistic will be the outcome of our system tests. Help us by creating your own node in 10 minutes. No special hardware needed. A regular Windows, Mac or Linux PC is more than enough.

Thank you for your participation!

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