CryptoZombies Global Meetups: Recent Meetups Recap & Upcoming Events (Developers, Come Find One in Your City!)

Our aim at Loom Network has always been to get more people building and launching real-world blockchain apps, to help bring mainstream blockchain adoption.

…and it seems we’re on the right track.

Along with the launch of CryptoZombies Season 2, we announced that we’re creating a network of global CryptoZombies meetups to help local organizers bring their communities together and get more out of this free code school.

If you didn’t already know… In Season 2, we’ll be digging into the especially cutting-edge fun stuff: sidechain deployment, Plasma Cash, multi-fungible tokens, custom game modes, and more.

Since we announced these CryptoZombies global meetups, a number of organizations (and individuals) have reached out to us about organizing events in their own cities.

It’s clear the global Ethereum development community has never been stronger. 💪

Here’s a quick world tour of some of these recent meetups, and a list of upcoming events.

If your city isn’t on the list, why don’t you organize your own? If you’re learning to build DApps, no need to go at it alone — team up with some fellow devs, and work your way through together!

Recent Events

It’s been a busy month, jam-packed with Halloween and Zombie celebrations:

🇺🇸 CHICAGO, USA | October 14

🇯🇵 TOKYO, JAPAN | October 18

Tokyo’s finest hacking away at the monthly CryptoZombies study session at GameWith 😎

🇺🇸 MICHIGAN, USA | October 19

🇭🇳 HONDURAS | October 27

Doris Hernández finished the course in 2 days 🙇 and won a copy of Internet del Dinero (The Internet of Money) by Andreas Antonopoulos

🇰🇷 SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA | October 31

The wise and mighty Sijun dropping knowledge @ Korea Aerospace University 🙌


Shoutout to Linum Labs for making it a joyous, Zombie-themed Halloween in Cape Town and Jo’burg! 🎃


🇺🇸 STAMFORD, USA | November 1

Upcoming Events

Want to get in on the action? Here are some events happening over the coming weeks:

🇦🇺 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | November 15

🇰🇷 SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA | November 14 (private workshop @ Korea Aerospace University)

🇺🇸 CLEVELAND, USA | November 14

🇮🇩 JAKARTA, INDONESIA | November 17

🇺🇸 AKRON, USA | November 19

🇹🇷 ISTANBUL, TURKEY | November 25

🇯🇵 TOKYO, JAPAN | November 28

🇵🇭 MANILA, PHILIPPINES | December [exact date TBD]

Sit tight — More CryptoZombies Events Are on the Way!

Stay tuned for more announcements! There are a lot more events in the works, from Boulder to Barcelona and beyond…

In the meanwhile, if you’re interested in bringing CryptoZombies to your home city — give us a shout here. 🗣️

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