Introducing Zombie Battleground — A Collectible Card Game that Runs on the Blockchain

Zombie Battleground is a Magic: The Gathering-style collectible card game — and it’s going to be one of the first and biggest games of its kind to set foot in the fast-growing world of Blockchain Games.


Hollywood has movie trailers — but, you’ve got me 😎

…and as your virtual confidant, I am here to give you an exclusive sneak peek into something very special — Zombie Battleground.

By the way…

💡 Zombie Battleground is NOT RELEASED YET — but we do have some BIG NEWS (related to the game) coming next week!

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Now, if you’ve been paying attention to our upcoming SDK and my predictions about why Blockchain Games will take over the globe — you may have already heard about Zombie Battleground — the wildly anticipated game we have been (secretly) developing at Loom Network.

Well, my friend, you are about to witness the first vibrant, green, GOO-FILLED tendril pushing up through the soil — before it matures into a massive Oak tree in a forest full of Blockchain Games 😉

Zombie Battleground is the first of its kind to come alive in the nascent world of Blockchain Games

…and I ain’t talking about gardening either.

By the way — Zombie Battleground is a mobile game that we will be releasing on iOS and Android.

Eventually, we are going to release Battleground for PC and macOS as well.

Even though the game data is stored on the Blockchain — everything looks and feels EXACTLY like a regular mobile game.

In other words, if you were to play Battleground without knowing it was a Blockchain game — you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


You might be wondering…

What is Zombie Battleground? 🤔

My Zombie army, about to stomp my opponent to dust

First of all, Zombie Battleground is a Magic: The Gathering-style collectible card game that stores all of your game assets and data on its own dedicated DAppChain.

As you know, there’s a TON of benefits to running games on a Blockchain.

I am not going to cover all the reasons again — but, in our case:

All the rare cards in Zombie Battleground are ACTUALLY (provably) RARE.

…and ultimately, you, the player (and the Battleground community) will have control over the game and its assets.

That’s correct — even Loom Network, the creators of Zombie Battleground, cannot take your cards away.


Since your cards are stored on the Blockchain as non-fungible (ERC721) tokens, not only can you prove that you own your cards — you can even sell or trade them with anyone for actual money!


We’re going to have a massive peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade your cards directly with other players.

So, let me show you around…

At a glance, here are some quick highlights of the game itself:

Battleground Splash Screen

1. In Battleground, you collect cards to assemble the ultimate deck.

Much like the Spartans — you must constantly study and train in the event that you are challenged by an enemy force.

The way you do that in Battleground is by strategically crafting your deck — so that you are always ready to battle any type of opponent that might come your way.

It doesn’t matter if you run into an aggressive opponent with Fire Zombies or a defensive opponent that loves to hide behind a Heavy Zombie — because, you’ll always be ready to rumble with the dead.

2. You CAN purchase card packs — but, you CANNOT buy your way to victory.

Battleground is NOT a game that you can win simply by having a lot of money in your wallet.

You must ACTUALLY EARN your position with blood, sweat, and hard work.

While you have the option of purchasing card packs or individual cards directly from other players — you can also earn LOTS of free card packs just from playing a lot of matches strategically.

In other words, you can get the EXACT SAME RESULTS (or even better results) as someone who purchased cards without spending any money.

More than that, the gameplay in Battleground is designed to be EASY TO LEARN but HARD TO MASTER.

So, a skilled player who has spent countless hours sharpening their strategy has a much better chance of winning than a newbie who bought a bunch of packs hoping to beat their opponent.

Quite simply, there are no shortcuts in Battleground.

3. Much like Skittles — There are many different kinds of Zombies you can use against your opponent 😜

For example, Feral Zombies are very aggressive (similar to the Zombies in World War Z) and can attack your opponent quickly, while Walker Zombies are a lot slower to attack (similar to Zombies in The Walking Dead).

Oh — and Heavy Zombies are a lot bigger, and can block your opponent from attacking any of your Zombies until they’re killed.

Think of Heavy Zombies like shields for your other Zombies.

4. Zombies are also split into elemental factions, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

There are Fire Zombies, Water Zombies, Earth Zombies, Air Zombies, Life Zombies, and Toxic Zombies.

Zombies in Battleground have different elemental powers — Fire, Toxic, Life, Earth, Air, and Water—and you’ll need to craft your deck with the right balance to take on any opponent.

Each Element is strong against some and weak against others, for instance:

  • Fire is stronger than Toxic, because if you mix Toxic with Fire, everything BLOWS UP.
  • Toxic is stronger than Life because no life can grow in toxic waste.
  • Life is stronger than Earth because it grows out of the Earth and breaks it apart.
  • Earth is stronger than Air because Air can’t easily move Earth.
  • Air is stronger than Water because Water conducts electricity, and Air can dry up the Water.
  • Water is stronger than Fire because it can put the Fire out.

Remember: Fire > Toxic > Life > Earth > Air > Water > Fire

All this talk about elements takes me back to childhood when I used to eat Cocoa Puffs with Chocolate Milk while watching Captain Planet… 🤔


Gee! That All Sounds Dank Mister! — So, How Do I Play Dis Zombie Battleground? 🤔

Glad you asked 😎

Since you are already aware that Zombie Battleground is a collectible card game where you battle your opponent with your Zombie Cards — let me introduce you to how the ACTUAL game-play looks like.


Each hero has unique elemental abilities, which you should take into account when incorporating your Hero Zombie into your overall strategy.


You can use cards from any elemental faction when crafting your deck — EXCEPT for the element your Hero Zombie is vulnerable against.

For example, if your Hero is a Fire Zombie — you cannot use Water.

When the battle begins…

`Zombie Battleground gameplay in action — takin’ names and slayin’ the enemy with supercharged Zombies.`

Both players are initially dealt 5 cards.

Then, you and your opponent will take turns summoning your best Zombies and pitting them against each other.

Speaking of pitting Zombies against each other — remember that each time you summon a Zombie from your deck, it will require some Goo.

Gasoline is to your car as Goo is to your Zombie Cards.

We wouldn’t just throw a bunch of Goo on your hands (yuck!) — so, when playing Battleground, you’ll find a lineup of neatly filled Green Goo Bottles next to your deck of cards:

Goo Bottles are used as fuel when drawing Zombie cards from your deck — and each Zombie card has it’s own Goo Cost.

Each Zombie has a Goo Cost— which is the number of Goo Bottles that cost you when you summon your Zombie into the Battleground.

The more powerful the Zombie, the more Goo is required to summon it.

Each round — your Goo Bottles are automatically re-filled.

…and as you keep playing, you get incrementally more Goo Bottles.

For example, you get 1 bottle of Goo on round 12 bottles of Goo on round 23 bottles of Goo on round 3, and so on.

So as the match goes on —since the amount of available Goo increases, both players will be able to summon even stronger Zombies.

After you summon a Zombie, you’ll see a bunch of Zzzzz’s appear on your card like this:

Sleepy Zombie

This indicates that your Zombie needs to rest a bit until your next turn.

Then, it’ll be ready to go into battle again 😴

Yes, even Zombies need rest.

How to Kill a Dead Zombie 101

In order to attack an Enemy Zombie, all you have to do is drag your Zombie onto the Enemy…and if everything goes well, you will have F*#@&!*$ up that other Zombie and given it another death sentence!

To attack your opponent, simply drag your Zombie onto the Enemy Zombie

If you give the enemy zombie an ass whoopin’ — you should notice your Attack Value being deducted from the enemy Zombie’s Defense Value.

Conversely, your Zombie also takes damage based on the other Zombie’s Attack Value.

If a Zombie’s defense value goes to zero — it will die 😖

Each Zombie can only attack once per turn — so after you’ve made all your moves, you’ll need to press the END TURN button to pass the gameplay onto your opponent.

The More You Win — The More You Are Rewarded 🎉

So, your Hero Zombie is like the King of the Zombie Castle — if he’s dead, it’s game over.


When you defeat your opponent’s Hero Zombie — you automatically win the match…EVEN if there are other Zombies on the Battleground.

And each time you WIN A MATCH, you are rewarded with all sorts of valuable loot (like card packs, in-game currency, etc.).

So the more badass you are, the more badass you get! — It’s a never ending cycle of Zombie-Slayin’ Badassery.

When you win a match, you are rewarded with things like booster packs, goo, and other valuable stuff.

By the way, regarding all my flashy GIF’s — I am very sorry if you have Epilepsy 🤗

Those are the highlights — Also: BIG NEWS coming very soon 😎

I can tell you that you are going to LOVE Zombie Battleground.

Since you need to be a master strategist and plan your moves in order to destroy your opponent (who is also trying to destroy you) — the game itself is incredibly addicting and fun.

In the end, Battleground is FUN FIRST — and BLOCKCHAIN SECOND.

…and I am SUPER DUPER excited to see this come to life.

Here’s the deal…

Even though I’ve given you a VERY VERY EARLY sneak peek into Zombie Battleground…

Without ACTUALLY playing the game, you will never experience how much fun it really is…

It’s the difference between reading an article about swimming and actually getting in the pool.

…the problem is, Battleground is not out yet.

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news:

We are going to announce some BIG NEWS soon — like next week soon 😉

💡 If you are the impatient type, go ahead and Join Our Private Mailing List and I’ll let you know about the upcoming news before everyone else! 😉

So, keep those ears to the street and stay classy — home skittle.

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