TL;DR: Loom’s PlasmaChain is now integrated with TRON — which means TRX holders can now use their TRX to buy limited-edition TRON-themed Relentless cards (in addition to ETH, BNB, and more). This special promotion will also allow you the chance to win up to 400,000 TRX hidden in card packs.

Since Relentless (formerly Zombie Battleground) is one of the fastest-growing blockchain games, having blockchain interoperability will make it accessible to even more people. Most recently, we also announced upcoming integrations with Cosmos Hub and EOS Keep reading to understand why we are doing this.

Imagine if the entire Internet had only 4 nodes.

It would SUCK.

The Internet having only 4 nodes would be as boring as Disneyland just having 4 rides.

Thankfully, the Internet is a LOT more fun and interesting than Disneyland.

You know why?

Because of the power of network effects.

Considering that the entire world population STILL doesn’t have Internet access¹that’s quite impressive.

Things weren’t always this much fun though.

In 1969, the nascent Internet ACTUALLY did have ONLY 4 nodes.

The first-ever computer-to-computer link was established on ARPANET — the precursor to the Internet, on October 29, 1969.

…fast forward to today, and even the Internet’s original inventors couldn’t predict how the modern web would look.

Waiting for the Internet to add more nodes be like…

Blockchain technology is a lot like the early days of the Internet.

You might recognize that the technology carries powerful, paradigm-shifting implications — but no one really knows where this is all going.

But one thing is for sure: Much like the Internet — network effects will be a critical requirement for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

So what’s the best way to accelerate the network effects of blockchain technology?

Glad you asked 🙂

Cross-Chain Interoperability Is the Fastest Way to Accelerate Mass Adoption of Blockchain Tech

Just in case you missed it — we recently announced our plans to integrate Cosmos Hub, EOS, and TRON.

Today we’re proud to announce that the TRON integration is officially live — making this the second chain we’ve integrated into PlasmaChain after Ethereum.

So this post is not a theoretical, hocus pocus dream… rather, it’s a real case study in blockchain interoperability — and it’s live, functional, and in production 😉

Why TRON as our second integration?

TRON has some of the most widely-used dapps, measured by Daily Active User count.

Additionally, TRON is based on Solidity smart contracts — just like PlasmaChain — which made the integration fairly straightforward for our developers to build out.

For developers building on Loom, this opens up access to the entire TRON community. That means any TRON user can now directly interact with all dapps built on PlasmaChain.

Moving forward, we’ll also be integrating Cosmos, EOS, and any other blockchain that reaches a critical mass of real user adoption in the future — thus allowing PlasmaChain developers to access as many users as possible right from the starting line.

Why are these integrations a big deal?

Simple — because, you are witnessing the very first steps in PlasmaChain becoming a multichain network.

There are tons of benefits of blockchain interoperability.

For example…

Imagine a game developer wanting to spread their game as far and wide as possible.

After all…

A blockchain game developer’s goal is to have access to as many players as possible, so — there’s no reason for developers to silo themselves into one platform or blockchain.

That would be like building a game ONLY for iOS while ignoring all the gamers on Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, etc.

How game developers feel like when they abandon gamers on other platforms

That’s madness I tell ya 😐

Since the Loom SDK allows developers to build and deploy large-scale dapps and games easily — having interoperable blockchain compatibility is a natural next step.

Integrating PlasmaChain with as many of the most popular blockchains as possible allows developers to reach the largest possible user base for their game (or dapp) easily and efficiently.

…and we’re kicking off this new interchain reality with TRON.

By the way — If you are a TRX hodler, you might be wondering…

🚨 How do I use my TRX to purchase limited-edition TRON-themed Relentless cards?

First of all, if you are unfamiliar…

Relentless is a strategic, adrenaline-pumping, loot-filled, trading card game that runs 100% on the blockchain.

It’s one of the fastest growing blockchain games — and we haven’t even done our big marketing push yet.

So, here’s the thing…

Until now, PlasmaChain has only been integrated with Ethereum — which meant Relentless cards could be only purchased with ETH, BNB, or a credit card.


Now that PlasmaChain is officially interoperable with TRON, I’m excited to announce you can now use TRX for Relentless card pack purchases.

When you find out you can use your existing TRX to purchase Relentless card packs

And to celebrate, we’re offering a special TRX giveaway.

This means:

  • You can use your existing TRX tokens to purchase card packs.
  • Cards you purchase with TRX (and other supported tokens) will have a special, collectors-edition TRON card back — so you can brag about it to your friends and show your swag.
  • You’ll automatically be eligible to win FREE TRX tokens in every pack — up to the max prize of 10,000 TRX.

👉 Click here to get your TRON-themed promo packs now, and a chance to win big.

How’s that for a celebration? 😎

We are certain that enabling cross-chain interoperability will open up accessibility to games (and dapps) to a much larger population of users.

Which blockchain should we integrate with next?

Our goal is to become the most widely used blockchain platform for large-scale games and user-facing applications.

And part of this vision is connecting all the major blockchains together — giving developers access to the largest user base, and users access to the largest number of dapps, assets, and services.

…a bit like the glue that holds and connects all the blockchains to each other.

We are blockchain agnostic. We don’t see different blockchain platforms as warring religions, but rather disparate groups of passionate user bases. And our goal is to unite them, and give dapp developers access to all of those communities at once.

Our criteria for deciding which blockchains to integrate with in the future is dependent on:

  • Number of active users
  • PlasmaChain developer demand
  • The rate of growth of new users
  • Ease of integration

So which blockchain should we integrate with next? 🤔

Loom Network is the blockchain platform of choice for serious dapp developers — the Universal Layer 2 that provides developers the tools they need to build functional user-facing dapps today.

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