Loom SDK Projects: CryptoWars Announces First Tournament — $2,500 in Prizes 🤩

Our friends at Experimental — the creators of the blockchain-based strategy game CryptoWars — have announced their very first CryptoWars tournament, and it’s an opportunity to win BIG!

👉 Register for free now!

What is CryptoWars, you ask?

It’s a groundbreaking strategy game that lets you build your own village, form alliances, summon an army, and go to war with enemies to take control of other realms. Basically, you get to build your own civilization from scratch!

With the help of the Loom SDK, the game runs on its own dedicated blockchain, which means you truly own and have complete control over your game assets, plus third-party developers will be able to contribute to CryptoWars by creating custom quests. The game runs with its own ERC20 token and lets users monetize their strategies. And the best part is — it’s completely free to play!

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be playing this game… but if you’re still not sold, our one-and-only Dilanka wrote up this great piece on CryptoWars that you should totally check out 😉

…And about that Tournament?

So here’s the skinny. In order to publicly test the game’s alpha version, the team at Experimental have announced the first ever CryptoWars tournament.

The event lasts for one month, starts on December 15, and is now open for registration. There will be $2,500 in prizes awarded to the top 5 players! 🤘

And if you’re not a gamer, but have experience building communities of gamers, then consider joining their referral program. You’ll be rewarded for every player you refer that ends up in the top 100!

Read the full tournament and referral program details in this blog post from Experimental.

Do I Need to Know about this Blockchainy Stuff?

At Loom, we are all about innovation and bringing blockchain gaming to the mainstream.

…CryptoWars is no exception. You won’t need to be blockchain-savvy to play this game. You won’t need to own any cryptocurrency, have any wallets, or know how any of it works. The game and the tournament are simply fun — and completely accessible to anyone.

What are you waiting for? Your village awaits! 🏰🏡🏘

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