Rewarding Medium Translation in July and August

Daniel Wang
Aug 31, 2018 · 1 min read

We are going to send LRN reward to the following contributors who helped us translate our blog into multiple languages in July and August:

Alessandro Arrigo, Alex Serrajotto, Shuang Zhao, Butsche, MC31, Omar Valero, Milan,, Carlos B, JSP, sangjoon moon, Clarembit, Sky Thunder, and Natali.

Given that the total amount of payments are not too much per recipient, we ask each contributor to leave a response underneath this blog with her/his NEO address (so we do not have to verify identity).

We will use the volume adjusted 3-day moving average price of LRN on CoinMarketCap to convert USD to LRN. Once we have all NEO addresses collected, we will then distribute LRN reward in a batch transaction after the second LRN airdrop.

The Bounty Reward for Medium Post Translation program is now terminated. We thank all contributors for their hard work.


Below please find the stats— click on the “view raw” link for more columns.

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