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Dear LOTEO community, it has already been one week since we published our last article on how to handle the big win. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it.

As you probably know, we are approaching the soft launch on the 1st of May where everybody can participate and enjoy our blockchain lottery.

Besides this, we are excited to announce the third happy winner from Sunday drawing. Let us congratulate the winner Number1 and do not forget to follow the winners´ board here.

As we have mentioned many times, our priority are happy players and the long term goal is to apply the win — win strategy for both the players and investors.

Therefore, we strive to create the lottery´s unique concept not only by combining the blockchain technology with gambling and gaming or utilizing a special token structure but also by providing you with one and only affiliate program in this market.

We consider happy players those, who stay and are entertained on our blockchain platform, spread positive words further and are even rewarded for this.


We want players who deservedly enjoy their playing, winning and also earning without winning.

That is why we have created the triple affiliate program consisting of the three main parts:

· Direct referral commission 4 % of each ticket value regardless of whether the player wins or not

· Bonuses

· Space affiliate program — profit sharing

You can read more about direct commissions and bonuses in the article published here and if you are interested in our space affiliate program follow the medium post here.

Let us show you some simple numbers. Imagine you refer 30 players to LOTEO. This means you have 30 tickets in your structure and you are eligible for the space program as well.

If they play every week, you get 12 EUR equivalent in Ethereum instantly paid weekly. Additionally you can get LOTEU token bonuses for new users and even more tokens if they buy LOTEOPASS or LOTEOMAXX.

As per the space program you will be rewarded with the lottery profits, thanks to Security tokens from the 1 % pool.

We have searched the market and have not found anything similar to this. The conventional lotteries do not offer any affiliate program and the online ones focus mostly on the direct referral commission.

Furthermore, be sure that this is the first version and we will continue in bringing more in the future.

Do not forget to play, win & earn.

We all can be winners with the LOTEO blockchain revolution. Let’s build LOTEO together.

For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below or read the official whitepaper.

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