Lunyr Crowdsale Instructions

Update: Please do NOT try to send ETH directly to the Lunyr Token address. It will not work. You have to follow the instructions to execute create().

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With our crowdsale quickly approaching, we’d like to present the crowdsale instructions. We will announce the Lunyr Token (LUN) address and update this post later. If you have any questions, please join us on Bitcointalk.

Crowdsale Summary

Start Block: 3,440,760

End Block: 3,613,560

Crowdsale period: March 29 — April 27/28 (4 weeks)

LUN purchased per Ether: 44 LUN per Ether

Minimum Ether: 25,000 ETH

Minimum number of Crowdsale LUN: 1,100,000 LUN

Maximum Ether (cap): 250,000 ETH

Maximum number of Crowdsale LUN: 11,000,000 LUN

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