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Neeramitra Reddy
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I’m a guinea pig in the experiment of life.

Be it near-suicidal bullying, a post-heartbreak LSD trip, or a humbling Muay Thai fight — Life has been my lifelong teacher.

In pursuit of Truth™, I let the raging horse of my curiosity pull the wagon of my life.

Discovering and documenting life itself, I don’t write in a “niche.”

My articles mostly revolve around — self-improvement, spirituality, fitness, lifestyle design, productivity, insights/lessons, and books.

I live the advice I give — and share only the advice I live

When I’m not writing, you’ll find me punching bags, meditating, climbing rocks, pumping iron, musing about life’s meaning, or devouring books.

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My Writing Isn’t a One-Way Monologue…

It’s an invitation for discussion.

Only by sharing insights, ideas, and inspiration do we all grow wiser, smarter, and happier.

So, respond with your thoughts, insights, and even critique — to help me correct my mistakes and blind spots.

Insights, appreciation, or critique/feedback — they’re all valuable to me.

To this day, I (try to) reply to every response I get — this was easier when I was a smaller writer.

But if you’ve taken out time to read and respond, the least I can do is pay back in kind, eh?

Apart from responding to my articles, you can help me (help you better) by:

  • Clapping — to tell me (and the algo) that you liked what you read — so I can write more stuff you’ll like.
  • Highlighting — to tell me what parts you liked in the article — so I can expand on them in new articles.
  • Sharing with your friends, family, and/or network — to inspire me to continue serving you with value-packed writing.

Engagement also counts towards writers’ earnings. So, by clapping, responding, and highlighting — you’ll support me monetarily as well!

Apart from Medium, my Twitter and LinkedIn DMs are open to you, too.

My “Boosted” Articles

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My Boosted Articles

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The Articles I’m The Proudest Of

While not as viral, these underrated gems have a special place in my heart.

My Articles Closest To My Heart

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My “Pillar” Articles

Insight-&-info-packed articles comprehensive enough to be mini-books:

My Pillar Articles

11 stories
An AI-generated image of a muscular young man squatting in a sunlit kitchen
6-year transformation of the author from skinny fat to aesthetic and shredded

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“When you lose your money, you lose nothing. When you lose your health, you lose something. When you lose your character, you lose everything.”

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