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Neeramitra Reddy
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Quick Personal Updates

I value your time so here are 3 quick and relevant bulleted highlights:

  • After a bad mental spiral in late Dec 2023, I did my 2nd Vipassana course in Jan — and met some cool people (Article on my insights coming soon!)
  • My friend, Akshad Singi shared a productivity system that’s proving life-changing for me and a coaching client of mine (Sharing the same with you next).
  • A heartfelt love article of mine brought my ex back into my life (In a good way).

Life’s been kind — or maybe I’ve gotten more grateful.

How about you, my friend?

Proven Productivity — The 5-Second Rule to Kill Procrastination

Explaining how and why this system works will need a whole article.

So, for now, trust me on this and give it a shot — the results will prompt you to keep going:

  • Create a WhatsApp group with yourself: Name it Goals and give it a nice profile picture.
  • Jot down your top 3–5 goals, the start date, and your desired daily time target with them — for example “Vipassana (From 5th Feb): 60 mins per day.” Title this message as “Current Goals” and send it to the group (Pin it too).
  • It’s crucial to start small with your daily targets. If you want to set “Coding (From Mar 1st): 180 mins per day”, reduce it to 60–90 mins per day. Trust me, this system will humble you. Start small.
  • At the end of each day, send a “Status Message” to the group. For each goal, note how “behind”, “ahead” or “on track” (with 0) you are with the target time duration. Add or subtract from the existing number as the days go on.
  • Delete the old Status message so only 2 messages — so only Current Goals and the Latest_Date Status remain at any time in the group.

That’s it.

Start with small daily targets and ensure to 100% consistently send the daily Status message — these are the 2 most crucial things.

Watch the magic unfold.

P.S. Any doubts or questions regarding this sytem? Leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to sort them out for you.

Fit Formulas

Formula #1 — The #1 “Never-Skip” Exercise

It’s the face-pull.

As I’ve already written multiple times on Medium, the face-pull is crucial to bulletproof your shoulders — and build those rear delts for that juicy 3D look.

Focus on perfect form.
Stick to the 15–30 rep range.
Hold and squeeze at peak contraction.
Perform 2–4 sets every workout — no harm.

Formula #2 — A Simple Weight-Loss “Hack”

Swap out your glasses and plates for smaller ones.

That’s it.

The optical illusion of smaller cutlery will make you feel full faster — and over time, this will “passively” compound into weight loss.

Why a “hack”?

Because this requires virtually no effort — yet has solid long-term results.

Matters Of Excellence

#1 — The True Meaning Of Power

Power isn’t about “having more” money, fame, or followers.

True power is needing less money, followers, and fame.

#2 — Systems >> Goals

The best goal-achieving strategy I’ve found is:

- Set goals
- Develop systems for them
- Forget about the goals
- Focus solely on honing the systems

The purpose of Goals is only for you to design and hone your systems.
The process IS the result.

#3 — Will-Power Is a Trainable Muscle

Resist that urge to itch…
Resist that impulse to check your phone…
Resist the anger to scream at your mother…

Put in the reps to train your willpower — daily.

Your willpower will grow — just as any physical muscle would.

Article of The Fortnight

A genius way to be altruistic — without sacrificing your time, money, energy, or self:

The Best Self-Help Book I’ve Read in A Long Time

I’m wary of self-help books — they’re mostly repetitions of the few good ones.

But Discipline Is Destiny by Ryan Holiday caught me off guard (in an excellent way).

Illustrating the various facets of discipline with compelling stories from the lives of historical greats, this feels like a Novel on Discipline — interesting, inspiring, and informative.

Source: Stairway To Wisdom

I recommended the same book to my coaching client — and he’s having a blast with it!

Get a paperback — it’s a book worth re-reading over time.

How’s Your 2024 Been Going?

Any challenges, roadblocks, or problems you think I can help you with?

Reply to this email or DM me on Twitter — it’ll be my genuine pleasure to help you out in whatever ways I can.

P.S. Only recently did I realize my Twitter DMs were open only to blue tickmarks. Totally my bad — I’ve now opened it to all. No more barriers to reaching out to me :)

Godspeed and Cheers!,
Neeramitra Reddy

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