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Life @ MadHive: Head of CSO Edition

At MadHive, we work with many different types of clients — broadcast groups, brands, agencies, resellers, and more. In this edition of “Life @ MadHive,” we’ll be following Joe Marino, Head of the Client Success Organization. Since Joe joined MadHive a year and a half ago, he’s grown the client portfolio from five clients to over thirty. Joe’s days are typically filled with client meetings, new business pitches, and attempting to control the chaos of a three-kid household.

First, a little about Joe:

  • He grew up in Kingston, NY but now lives in a Long Island town called Wading River.
  • In his free time, he loves to go for long runs, play music, and of course, binge-watch TV. Joe’s favorite show of all time is Entourage. He watches the series from beginning to end once every few years.
  • He enjoys listening to music of all genres, but currently he’s on a heavy rotation of Counting Crows, Nas’ new album King’s Disease II, and the Thomas Rhett song “Country Again.”

Joe usually wakes up bright and early thanks to his daughter, who likes to wake him up by climbing into his bed. Within minutes, Joe’s other two kids are up, too. Joe actually got a little more sleep than usual today — most mornings his kids jumpstart his day at 5 or 5:30am.

After changing a diaper, making a few cups of milk, and putting on some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Joe starts his morning routine with a strong cup of coffee. He reviews work emails, organizes his schedule for the day, and catches up on industry news.

As soon as the clock hits seven, Joe’s kids tell him they’re “STARVING, DAD!”

Today their breakfast is Cheerios with fresh berries. As they eat, Joe listens to Tom Petty radio while emptying the dishwasher, taking out the garbage, prepping for lunch, and cleaning the kitchen. It’s a strong start to the day.

When Joe’s wife comes downstairs, his kids react like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Joe and his wife have a deal — she gets up if the kids need help during the night, and Joe gets up with them in the morning to let her catch up on sleep.

Joe heads to his basement office to officially start his workday. First on the docket is a strategy meeting with Lane Soelberg, Managing Partner. Joe and Lane discuss how they can scale up current MadHive clients and approach new prospects.

Joe joins another meeting with Matt Day, Senior Client Success Manager, to pitch a station group prospect. They run their audience through a full MadHive platform demo and answer any outstanding questions. They crush it (it ain’t their first rodeo together!). Joe loves to help clients solve pretty interesting problems and make their lives easier.

Lunch time! Joe and his family sit down to eat a quick meal of PB&J sandwiches, raisins, and cheese sticks in between his calls. Joe drinks his second cup of coffee, scarfs down his food, and runs back to his office in time for his next meeting.

A break in Joe’s calendar allows him to catch up on emails and Slack messages. During this time, he connects with Erricka Dumas, Technical Recruiter, to vet candidates for open roles on his team. One of Joe’s favorite parts of his job is bringing new talent to MadHive.

Joe joins his daily regroup with Engineering and Product leads. Here they discuss any items that need to be escalated or triaged. Lucky for Joe, today there are no big concerns so the meeting is short and sweet.

New business pitch #2 brings an independent Out-of-Home company that can potentially resell OTT inventory. The company loves the idea of unifying OTT and Out-of-Home media, allowing advertisers to tell stories across both channels.

Marino family dinner time. This is a sacred (and wild) time in Joe’s household. Tonight his wife cooks pasta and the whole gang sits down to converse about Lego Mario, the yucky green stuff on everyone’s plates (basil), and, of course, what’s for dessert (otherwise known as “special treat”).

After Joe and his wife put their kids to bed, they savor the break by grabbing cookies and heading to the couch. Tonight they continue binge watching Goliath on Amazon Prime. This helps them decompress before another full day ahead.

As you can tell, “client success” isn’t so different from “family success” for Joe. With both, he needs to develop efficient routines, set up frequent regroups, and always be responsive — hopefully not as early as 6am everyday, but duty calls! Check back for more “Day in the Life’’ posts, and visit our Careers page if you’re interested in learning more about our company.



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