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Our Mission is simple: To become The Most Valuable Business Resource by allocating and providing the best tools, resources, and recommendations to help you manage your business. Our Business is to help you build yours, whether you’re starting at zero, or looking to reach new customers, overcome challenges or maximize successes, we are here to guide you and your organization from where you are to where you want to be.

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Shane Wieters
CEO of Manager Mint, LLC | CEO of Virtual Stock Ex | http://www.managermint.com www.virtualstockex.com
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Jacob Cass
Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Web Designer, Blogger, Creative Thinker, Freelancer, Link Sharer, Digital Nomad. MORE: www.justcreative.com
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Austin D Munday
Product design. austinmunday.com
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Garrett Stone
Husband. Father. Student. Teacher. Studying the science of travel and the art of teaching.
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Lizzie Davey
Professional business & lifestyle writer who helps brands grow communities around their content. Also help freelancers grow their businesses at Wanderful World.
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Derek Penwell
Author, Mainliner's Survival Guide to the Post-Denominational World: http://t.co/gbX2thak3G
Go to the profile of Mahabubur Rahaman
Mahabubur Rahaman
eCommerce, Marketing, Social Engineering, Networking, Communication, Serial Entrepreneur, Cyber Security, Facebook Analyst, UX, Music, Blogging
Go to the profile of TJ Muehleman
TJ Muehleman
It’ll be clear to you in about 30 seconds how badly I need an editor
Go to the profile of Kiril Savino
Kiril Savino
Artist/hacker suffering from unreasonable idealism & dissatisfied optimism. Founder/CEO Single Leap; formerly DoubleClick, Conductor, founder/CTO GameChanger.
Go to the profile of Soul GPS
Soul GPS
Self-development tools for self-healing and authentic relating. #coach #writer mysoulgps.org
Go to the profile of Michele Lashley
Michele Lashley
Owner of The Smarter Writing Lab (www.smarterwritinglab.com). Author. Brand storyteller. Teacher of learners. Learner of life. Big dreamer. Dedicated doer.
Go to the profile of Shawn Winkler-Rios
Shawn Winkler-Rios
Husband, father, entrepreneur, and continual learner. CEO @Soloprenur. I help solopreneurs learn to make revenues and profit. #smallbiz
Go to the profile of Dante Nicholas
Dante Nicholas
Ambitious, creative, sarcastic. – Community Manager. Photographer. Writer. Music Junkie. http://www.allthingsdante.com
Go to the profile of Nico Schweinzer
Nico Schweinzer
Allround digital craftsman 💻 based in Austria. I love to create ♥️ Working location independent 🏃🏻 Follow me on my journey through life ✈️ www.nicoschweinzer
Go to the profile of Tom Ireland
Tom Ireland
Online marketing guy. Currently producing content for @StartupCVs.
Go to the profile of M. Carpenter-Arevalo
M. Carpenter-Arevalo
Ecuador/Canada.Techie Dreaming of Equality of Opportunity. Ex@Google, Ex@Twitter. Current Founder of @CentricoDigital. Contributor @TechCrunch @TheNextWeb
Go to the profile of Dawna Jones
Dawna Jones
Collectively designing a better world through conscious decision-making leadership. Inspirational Insights, Leadership, Strategic Insights, Author-Speaker.
Go to the profile of Philip Cockayne
Philip Cockayne
Chairman and Management Consultant. Lover of business, politics, economics, philosophy, psychology and more. Keen to help others succeed.
Go to the profile of W Watson
W Watson
Watson has been professionally developing software for 24 years. He has spent the last decade studying game theory in pursuit of the perfect corporate structure
Go to the profile of Loren Trlin
Loren Trlin
Life Purpose Alchemist| Purpose + Business Coach| Mindful Entrepreneur | Helping you design your best life at lorentrlin.com @lorentrlin
Go to the profile of Sigit Adinugroho
Sigit Adinugroho
Reflections on digital product design, travel, food and the in-betweens. Finding my compass. Currently a Design Director at Vrbo, an Expedia company.
Go to the profile of Milan Vrekic
Milan Vrekic
Product Manager @POF, Volta, Zora & TitanFile co-founder, Maritimer living on the West Coast.
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Go to the profile of Laurent Haug
Laurent Haug
I help people find ideas and ideas find people. http://ch.linkedin.com/in/laurenthaug and hello at laurenthaug dot com.
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Terry Lee
Co-Founder + CEO of Panacea | The story we tell ourselves is the same story we tell the world.
Go to the profile of Roberto Zambelli
Roberto Zambelli
coming soon
Go to the profile of David Magee
David Magee
Strategy and delivery. Currently helping start-ups and small businesses via www.dunwiley.co.uk Former CEO @ConsignCloud, ex-Ops. Dir. @MLElectronics.
Go to the profile of Nathan Latka
Nathan Latka
Exited SaaS Founder. WSJ Bestselling Book: Capitalistbook.com. I podcast interview SaaS CEO’s (1000+) http://nathanlatka.com/thetopitunes
Go to the profile of Manish Hada
Manish Hada
Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker, Business Model Strategist; Love for Startups, Entrepreneurship & Business Development.
Go to the profile of Shawn Boday
Shawn Boday
Shawn Boday is the Founder and CEO of Perday LLC, a Real Estate Firm based in the Pacific Northwest. He is an avid snow sports enthusiast. http://shawnboday.net
Go to the profile of Leonard Kim
Leonard Kim
TEDx Speaker | Named Top Marketer by Forbes, Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur → ❤️✈️⛱🚵👔⛳️⌚️⛵️⛰🍾🎭 Interviews 📬Hello@LeonardKim.com www.leonardkim.com
Go to the profile of Alex Devero
Alex Devero
I'm Founder/CEO of DEVERO Corporation. Entrepreneur, designer, developer. My mission and MTP is to accelerate the development of humankind through technology.
Go to the profile of Michael Berman, PhD
Michael Berman, PhD
#quant #trader #economist #behaviourist #philosopher #Jungian #innovator #Saas #fintech #fx launching behavioural analytics #startup in new year
Go to the profile of Stefani Yorges
Stefani Yorges
I partner with people who want to rise to their full potential, live and lead at the highest level, and increase their impact on others. www.leadinghigher.com
Go to the profile of Richard Titus
Richard Titus
CEO, Yogi, Serial entrepreneur, raconteur, coach, advisor and sometime filmmaker.
Go to the profile of Jess Ostroff
Jess Ostroff
Director of Calm at @dontpanicmgmt. Chronic wanderer, live music fiend, wine lover. Clients include: @jaybaer, @annhandley, and more!
Go to the profile of Miles Hobson
Miles Hobson
Content Manager @ChatShop (#LiveChat experts). Passionate about #content, #marketing, #digital, #seo and more.
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Go to the profile of Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas
Storytelling. Branding. Marketing. I make things happen.
Go to the profile of Viola1104
SEO. Flow seeker. Speaker. Digital entrepreneur, traveller and writer. https://www.flow-seo.com
Go to the profile of Andy Barrow
Andy Barrow
Film maker living in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. www.andyjamesbarrowvideography.com
Go to the profile of Masha Karan
Masha Karan
Digital Marketing
Go to the profile of Andrew Mercier
Andrew Mercier
Traveller, Napper, Distributor. Go out into the world and do good until there is too much good in the world. L. H. Miller
Go to the profile of Nick Banar
Nick Banar
Business | Fitness | Travel | Language Learning
Go to the profile of Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch
Finance professional and occasional writer. Fan of steak, wine, books, and Everton FC. I write more at AndrewLynch.net.
Go to the profile of Johnson Kee
Johnson Kee
Human, father, writer. On my way.
Go to the profile of George Dreemer
George Dreemer
I want to make reading my articles an experience- thought provoking, amusing and questioning. | georgedreemer.com
Go to the profile of Eddie Rice
Eddie Rice
I’m a speechwriter for CEOs, government officials, business owners and everyone in between. www.customspeechwriting.com
Go to the profile of Yanek
Go to the profile of Emmanuel Elmajian
Emmanuel Elmajian
Founder and CEO of Spinzo. Worked at McKinsey, Google, and Barclays. Engineering degree from Waterloo. Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
Go to the profile of Arthur Boivin
Arthur Boivin
CEO @ Twist - #Entrepreneurship #LimitsAreInYourHead
Go to the profile of Oleksii Serdiuchenko
Go to the profile of chris busse
chris busse
CTO @APIvista — Enabling API Success | @busse on Twitter
Go to the profile of Nathan A. Cunningham
Nathan A. Cunningham
Connector of Dots and People; Minder of Gaps; 100x Leader in Process.
Go to the profile of Dustin Von Hoffmann
Dustin Von Hoffmann
Passion for business! Entrepreneur, Business Man, Investor.
Go to the profile of Dan Jimenez
Go to the profile of Patricia C
Patricia C
Small business owner, passionate about HR matters, productivity and goal achievement.
Go to the profile of Qasim Virjee
Qasim Virjee
Actively online since '95 ;) These days I'm spending time on http://StartWell.co and http://rocketchatlauncher.com
Go to the profile of Miha Matlievski
Miha Matlievski
Overcome: ▪️Depression ▪️Anxiety ▪️Stress ▪️Failure ▪️Need help from someone who championed those demons? Let’s talk! Reach out on FB!
Go to the profile of Jason Lippman
Jason Lippman
Father first. After that, personal development coach and author. Keep an eye out for my first book, The Management Code, coming this spring!
Go to the profile of Matt Morava
Matt Morava
The difference between Generation X and Generation Y is punctuation… going from WTF! to WTF?
Go to the profile of Paul Dughi
Paul Dughi
VP/General Manager at WAAY-TV & AudiencePop, named one of Broadcasting and Cable’s Digital All-Stars “On the front lines of transforming the broadcast industry”
Go to the profile of Manolis Sfinarolakis
Go to the profile of Pranay Srinivasan
Pranay Srinivasan
Many threads. One Giant Web.
Go to the profile of Sophia Ellis
Sophia Ellis
Sophiaellismarketing.com: Marketing, Design, Development, Social, Sales, and More. Living between two countries. Two-time Amazon best-selling coauthor.
Go to the profile of Paras Dahal
Paras Dahal
Passionately Curious. Driven to create. http://parasdahal.com
Go to the profile of Dorene Wharton
Dorene Wharton
Redefining Mid-Life with Conscious living. Ex- marketing Dir.Location-free. Writer, Marketing Strategist at TravellifeX.com &TravellifeMedia.com
Go to the profile of Patrick Struebi
Patrick Struebi
I believe we can improve our world radically through social entrepreneurship. And I believe social entrepreneurship starts within ourselves.
Go to the profile of Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee
Founder, advisor and dad of four. www.RewindToday.com and www.freedym.com
Go to the profile of Eleanor Goold
Eleanor Goold
Writer, Copywriter, Convention breaker. ;-) Loves dogs, swimming, good wine. Find me here: http://bit.ly/KreativCopy
Go to the profile of Declan Wilson
Declan Wilson
I help take offline businesses online @ bricknclick.co | I also vlog @ youtube.com/declanwilsonvlog
Go to the profile of Stefano Mosconi
Stefano Mosconi
Leadership and innovation coach | Geek | Dad | Cook | I write about leadership, software, technology, life at large — https://britemind.io
Go to the profile of Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker
Host of Resist Average Academy podcast, author of The 1% Rule and sometimes annoyingly positive.
Go to the profile of Ben Brearley
Ben Brearley
Leader, MBA, coach and former management consultant passionate about developing thoughtful, effective leaders. Find me at https://www.thoughtfulleader.com
Go to the profile of Josiah Ross
Josiah Ross
17 year old writer. Trying to change the world. nagiyd.com Email: rossjosiah13@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Anya C. Gonzales
Anya C. Gonzales
Young. Woman. Immigrant. Opinionated. Thinks about management a lot. Thinks about marketing more often @JhanaInc.
Go to the profile of Ted Bauer
Ted Bauer
Blogging, largely about work and how to improve it. How I make (some) money: http://thecontextofthings.com/hire-freelance-writer-ted-bauer/
Go to the profile of Tamar Willis
Tamar Willis
Digital Marketing Consultant at Shopial LTD, Princeton ‘19
Go to the profile of Niro Dayalan
Niro Dayalan
Leadership & Performance Coach, Speaker & Trainer. Helping professionals to access their authentic self & develop skills\strategies of an inspirational leader.
Go to the profile of Toni Cowan-Brown
Toni Cowan-Brown
VP of European Biz dev @NationBuilder | Passionate about the #EU #technology #politics | Views are my own and RT ≠ endorsement | @collegeofeurope alumn
Go to the profile of Baker Jacinto
Baker Jacinto
Top Ranked Internet Marketer. Personal Growth, Inspiration, and Marketing Strategy. Top Selling Published Author of The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide. Blogger
Go to the profile of Rasika Ragav
Go to the profile of Cheryl Snapp Conner
Cheryl Snapp Conner
Cheryl Snapp Conner is founder and CEO of SnappConner PR and creator of Content University™. She is a popular speaker, author and columnist.
Go to the profile of Dr. James V. Green
Dr. James V. Green
Director of Entrepreneurship Education for Mtech at the University of Maryland. Technology entrepreneur, investor, and adviser.
Go to the profile of Elizabeth Shassere
Elizabeth Shassere
Author of Becoming a Fearless Leader http://amzn.to/2FR9cS0 | Founder and CEO of Textocracy Ltd.
Go to the profile of Rick Bellingham, Ed.D
Rick Bellingham, Ed.D
Rick Bellingham is a pioneering psychologist who has published over 16 books on leadership, spiritual wellness, community, & innovating corporate culture.
Go to the profile of Jeff Yastine
Jeff Yastine
Editor of Total Wealth Insider at Banyan Hill Publishing. Website: www.banyanhill.com
Go to the profile of ReturnBoost
Active Momentum Investing
Go to the profile of Gustavo Razzetti
Gustavo Razzetti
I help people and teams become the best version of themselves. CEO @ liberationist.org Top Writer. Subscribe → bit.ly/ChangeInsights
Go to the profile of Bryan Falchuk
Bryan Falchuk
Author of Best-Seller @doadaybook, @NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Behavior Change Specialist, @Inc Columnist, Speaker, Life Coach, @TuckSchool MBA, Vegan
Go to the profile of Rahul Khandelwal
Rahul Khandelwal
Data scientist | Writer | Music lover
Go to the profile of Chris the Brain
Chris the Brain
Real-Life Super Villain and Corporate Iconoclast. Founder of Apprenace and COO of &Marketing.
Go to the profile of Patrick McFadden
Patrick McFadden
Install Marketing as a Process! Founder & Marketing Consultant @indispmarketing. Speaker for Small Business Events. Die hard value builder and podcast guest.
Go to the profile of J Brooks
Go to the profile of Six Vertical
Six Vertical
Six Vertical builds digital commerce solutions for industry-leading brands. www.sixvertical.com
Go to the profile of David The Optimist
David The Optimist
David thinks that reaching goals is closely related to how we set and achieve objectives and how well connected they are to our lifestyles.
Go to the profile of John Quayle
John Quayle
Entrepreneur, Advisor, & Business Operations Professional. Bringing Visions to Life. Founded StartNow Pittsburgh.
Go to the profile of Shazad Awan
Shazad Awan
A tech leader, start-up co-founder and sports enthusiast. Loves observing change and planning to take over the world
Go to the profile of Mandy McEwen
Mandy McEwen
Head Mod Girl @ModGirlMktg. I help modern companies 2X, 3X, and 10X their revenues via #InboundMarketing. http://www.modgirlmarketing.com
Go to the profile of Fattmerchant
Fattmerchant is a direct cost payment technology company bringing business owners the savings they want, technology they need, and experience they deserve.
Go to the profile of KarlBimshas
Boston-bred and California-chilled Leadership Adviser | Writer. Helps busy professionals who want to manage better and lead well.
Go to the profile of Ted J Rau
Ted J Rau
Sociocracy, Non-Violent Communication, Linguistics
Go to the profile of Anna Aria
Anna Aria
Writing about inbound marketing, brand storytelling, personal branding. Founded http://anatown.com.
Go to the profile of Anton Cherkasov, CEO Aworker
Anton Cherkasov, CEO Aworker
Aworker is a Next Generation of Recruitment in the world
Go to the profile of Nick Kastrup
Nick Kastrup
Psychology. Personal Development. Persuasion. To the Point.
Go to the profile of J. Frank Sigerson
J. Frank Sigerson
Finance journalist and bowtie collector. Writes about investing and stocks. A nerd for crypto, crowdfunding, and marketing. Whiskey enthusiast. Podcast addict.
Go to the profile of Ellen Kate Donnelly
Ellen Kate Donnelly
Entrepreneurial Talent Hunter: focused on the people behind the businesses
Go to the profile of Angelique Moss
Angelique Moss
London-based entrepreneur, writer, and traveller. The world of business, finance and investments, is her preferred cup of tea.
Go to the profile of Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero is a multi-disciplinarian who has wide experience with technology and gadget.
Go to the profile of Vishwa Krishnakumar
Vishwa Krishnakumar
Building YellowAnt - http://www.yellowant.com — an enterprise-grade ChatOps framework
Go to the profile of Bobby Smyth
Bobby Smyth
I write about business, manufacturing, and more. | President @ AMEND Consulting | www.amendllc.com
Go to the profile of W. Jon McClure
W. Jon McClure
Husband, Father, addicted to growth. Watch this video to breakout of your norm and get what you want from life: http://bit.ly/bestlifestylenow
Go to the profile of Aidan Newsome
Aidan Newsome
22, Canadian, and chillin’.
Go to the profile of Aaron Horwath
Aaron Horwath
Expat, reader, guy-who-writes. Reporting back from around the next bend. Creator of 12hourdifference.co and Letters to a Young Professional.
Go to the profile of Afshana Diya
Afshana Diya
Digital Strategist💡🎯 Natural Explorer ⛺️⛰📷✈️ Geek at heart 👩‍💻🔎📊 Addicted to 📚🎬🍕🍟
Go to the profile of Vinod Saratchandran
Go to the profile of Julia Wojnar
Julia Wojnar
Speaker & Founder of Unleash Your Presence (www.unleashyourpresence.com), bridging the communication gaps between leaders and their teams.
Go to the profile of Ambreen Sajjad
Ambreen Sajjad
I am a professional content writer and contributor of numerous publications. I love to read, and create different newsworthy blogs and opinions.
Go to the profile of Deepti Pahwa
Deepti Pahwa
I was born to discover stories. Understand, Imagine, Create — lies at the heart of everything I do. I believe in sharing those stories to inspire communities
Go to the profile of Rohia Munavar
Rohia Munavar
A twenty-something Writer/ Inbound Marketer at Engagedly. Follow for thoughtful content on various aspects like feminism, writing tips, daily inspiration, HR
Go to the profile of Junfei Ren
Go to the profile of Eden Amirav
Eden Amirav
CEO and Co-Founder of Become (formerly Lending Express), providing businesses with the ability to improve their fundability and choose the right funding option.
Go to the profile of Scott Douglas Clary
Scott Douglas Clary
I’m a Forbes, Hackernoon & The Startup contributor. I specialize in Marketing & Biz Dev, helping companies 10x their growth at https://www.roioverload.com.
Go to the profile of Lawrence Ozeh
Lawrence Ozeh
Writer | Contributor @Medium | Official Game of Thrones addict. 🔰 Contact me — Ozehma@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Glance Through
Glance Through
Short summaries of the best articles across domains: Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance and anything interesting!!!
Go to the profile of Sydney Ashton
Sydney Ashton
Content strategist/copywriter who specializes in disrupting content fatigue.
Go to the profile of Meiling Wu
Meiling Wu
Marketer, Writer, Entrepreneur, MS@NYU, AIESECer, Scholar@Watson Incubation | Data Analytics, Product Management, Marketing | Based in New York & China
Go to the profile of CoinSmart Canada
CoinSmart Canada
A Digital Currency Exchange you can actually understand. https://www.coinsmart.com/
Go to the profile of BRAND MINDS
BRAND MINDS 2019 speakers: Guy Kawasaki, Yuval Noah Harari, Brene Brown, Grant Cardone, Robert Cialdini, Hitendra Wadhwa. Buy tickets here: www.brandminds.ro
Go to the profile of Matthew Perrin
Matthew Perrin
Distribution Manager Tika Marketing Ltd. Interested in everything start up and business related. NZ
Go to the profile of Jesse Onomiwo
Jesse Onomiwo
Co-founder @MyAutosparkle : Africa’s Leading Waterless Luxury Car Detailing Group | Digital & Social Media Marketing Denizen | Previously at Insight Publicis
Go to the profile of Cedric Spahr
Cedric Spahr
Entrepreneur | Influencer |Child of the One True King | Constantly Leveling Up | Twitter + IG - CedricSpahr
Go to the profile of Richard K. Yu
Richard K. Yu
Vandy '17. Analysis, opinion, and commentary | Contrarian | use richard.k.yu@vanderbilt.edu or mention me to talk!
Go to the profile of James Garside
James Garside
NCTJ-qualified journalist, writer and world traveler. (Writer for The Ascent, Hacker Noon, The Writing Cooperative, and 100+ more) jamesgarside.net
Go to the profile of Lyle Ball
Go to the profile of Stryve Digital Marketing
Stryve Digital Marketing
We're a full-stack team of weirdos creating digital experiences that drive sales for Canada's leading B2B brands.