Announcement <> Listing on the Mandala Platform

Raising the standard of expectation across an infant industry.

The Mandala team is leaving the “wild west” behind us as we look forward to new horizons. We are working to mature the marketplace and evolving the cryptocurrency ecosystem for market participants and industry leaders alike. Mandala’s coin and token submission process is now live and is one of many steps towards driving real change and fostering mass adoption. Taking a balanced approach to support the cryptocurrency space while adhering to our compliance mandate, coins and tokens will be carefully examined for viability, leadership and potential for growth and adoption.

We also recognize that not every project conducted a fund raise and that listing fees can often be out of reach for genesis block projects. Mandala will institute a grant, where eligible project who did not conduct a fundraise or crowdsale can apply to have their first year of listing fees waived. These projects will still be carefully examined, but as we support the development and implementation of blockchain technologies, we also support the grass roots and open source development of ground breaking innovation.

Change is coming to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and Mandala is in the drivers seat. We set our sights on the needs of market participants as we work to usher in a new era of digital asset exchange and global adoption. With the announcement of our listing process we are that much closer to launching the Mandala platform and release of our updated development timeline!

The Mandala listing process can be found at where projects and developers can find additional information and submit their cryptocurrency or token for listing!

Join us as we trailblaze the industry!

Anant Handa, Co-Founder & CSO