The Full Guide to the MarbleCards 1πŸ†š1 Summer Tournament

Johan Unger
Jul 15 Β· 5 min read


Battle with your Marble card deck against other players.

Prizes πŸ†

The total rewards are Genesis and Origin cards, 100 000 Marblecoin, $1000 in Matic tokens, and lastly XP. They will be distributed in the following way.

The top players in the tournament gets;
1st β€” Genesis Card + 200 000 XP + 10 000 MBC + $400 MATIC + 1 BTC Ultra Rare Hedgie and 1,000 Curio coin
2nd β€” Origin Card+ 100 000 XP + 5000 MBC + $250 MATIC + 1 BTC Rare Hedgie and 1,000 Curio coin
3rd β€” Origin Card+ 50 000 XP + 2000 MBC + $150 MATIC + 1 BTC Rare Hedgie and 500 Curio coin
4th β€” Origin Card + 30 000 XP + 1000 MBC + $100 MATIC + 1 BTC Rare Hedgie and 250 Curio coin
5th to 8th β€” 10 000 XP + 500 MBC + $30 PARTNER TOKEN + 1 Essential Hedgie and 100 Curio coin

For all 1vs1 games played the winner gets 10 000 XP and 100 MBC, and loser gets 5 000 XP.

Bonus! The Hedgie Top Pick Prize: Awarded to the player with the best MarbleCard in the tournament, according to the Hedgie team. Winner will receive their pick of any available Rare or Ultra-Rare Special Edition Hedgie + 1,000 Curio coin.

What is 1vs1 and how to play?

Each player choses 10 cards that player owns that they can play during the game. A bot decides the rules for each round and each player plays the card that they want to play. The best card wins that round. Please read this guide to find all the rules and please join our Discord to see what others have done and ask any questions there.

How to participate in this summer tournament

Reach out to one of the Admins in MarbleCards Discord and let them know you want to participate. Please note that it’s actually okay to join after the tournament started since we created some extra spots when generating the tournament. All active players will be listed in our Discord channel #players. Players who joined before the tournament started will have discord name and people who joined after will have a β€œlink” between a pre-made name such as β€œ β€œPlayer 1” β€” Username so people know who to reach out to for starting that game.

Step by step β€” How to play a game in the tournament

We are using a tool to generate the tournament and to add the results that you can see here. To play follow these steps;

  1. Look at the schedule and find a user that you want to play against. You can play against each player twice.
  2. Reach out to that user and find a time to play
  3. Play the game.
  4. Winner of the game update the schedule document and post the results of the game in #results channel. The reason for this is that in the case of cheating we want to have one place to easy go though all games.

Special rules for this tournament

In all cases MarbleCards team will be the one that are the judges also for cases not mentioned below.

  1. Bonus for the active players β€” IMPORTANT
    Each player that plays at least 3 games one week will get +1p per week they did at least 3 games in the tournament. The bonus will be added in the last step. To get the bouns you need to manually post in #results in Discord with the number of games played before Wednesday UTC time the week after with info on how many games you played the week before.
  2. Removal of inactive players
    Users that are inactive over several weeks and is not responsive when players ask to find time to play will be disqualified. Its up to MarbleCards team to decide who to remove but a good rule is that you should be able to respond fairly quick but its fine that you cant do a game that day or week but in that case you should be able to give suggestions on time that you can do.
  3. Walkover
    If two players decided that they would play a given time and one player do not show up its a WO. The player that is there should post a @ user and give them 30 minutes time to get in. In the case they do not show up its a WO with score 1–0.
  4. You may update your deck between each game.

How winner will be selected

Since users themselves will be the one that try to find times to do the games there will be some special rules on how the winner will be calculated.

tl;dr; Since players have not played same number of games there will be a recalculation of the score to find the winner. Some players will be removed since they did not play enough games. First all inactive players are removed, second among the remaining players the 50% who played fewest games are removed. The players who are left get their score recalculated as if they all played the same number of games. The bonus above is added. The top players are reviled.

Same as above described more in detail;

  1. When the tournament ends all inactive users will be removed from the scoreboard. All players with less than 5 games will be removed.
  2. Calculation of average number of played games of remaining players. This will be rounded up. Any player under the calculated average will be removed.
  3. Recalculation of the scores as if all players played the average number of games calculated in 2.
  4. Bonus for the active players β€” Please read under Special rules are added to all platers.
  5. The final table will show the score.
  6. When the table is final, the top 4 players will go to the Final Four to determine the final winner.

In short this means that if you are a player that do many games and get the bonus for active games you have a higher chance of winning. Second if you try to be tactical and only play a few games where you think you might win there is a big risk that you will be removed due to too few games.


MarbleCards enables people to save digital memories as crypto collectibles. Give it a try at

Johan Unger

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MarbleCards enables people to save digital memories as crypto collectibles. Give it a try at

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