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Life Itself Can Be Heaven

Every Choice, Every Thought, Every Word Contributes

Brenna Rayne
May 22, 2019 · Unlisted

The theory that we can create a New Earth in this life is thought provoking, encouraging, and far out.

Eckhart Tolle is someone that spoke and wrote about New Heaven and New Earth frequently. He was able to word it all in such a way that wasn’t alarming or hard to comprehend.

The more one thinks about the concept, the more ideas can begin to rattle around the cranium.

From what I have been able to gather, it can be quite simple. The idea is that as we change our thoughts and actions to thoughts and actions of Light and Goodness, we change our frequency and we begin living in a higher vibration. By doing this, we attract people on our same level and we repel those that are not. Also, as our thoughts and actions change and we begin doing kind things and living altruistically and with reverence for Life, we begin to cultivate better karma and better interactions with people.

All of this contributes to the creation of New Heaven within us. Meaning, the state of our consciousness is raised to a higher dimension. A dream state, a heavenly state. And therefore, our perception changes and we reflect in the world around us thereby creating New Earth.

This may seem like a far out idea but then again, isn’t everything around us pretty far out?

Let’s Face it, Life is Far Out

Clouds are floating high above us in the shape of fluffy ice cream scoops. They don’t fall, they just float gloriously above us. We accept this as normal because we have been taught why and how it happens.

The main difference between our perception of clouds and the conscious creation of New Earth is that we don’t have a proven reasons for much of spirituality and consciousness in general. We just have our own beliefs and feelings. We base our Truth off of what feels right to us when it comes to spirituality and religion.

Why The New Heaven, New Earth Theory is Believable

Basically, when we are living joyously, we say we are in heaven. When something great is happening it feels heavenly or heaven on Earth.

What if we took that and expanded it over a week or a month or a year? What if when we left vacation or when the wedding ends or whatever it is that is making life so heavenly, we take the feelings and keep them. We project the same feelings of happiness and gratitude onto the situation we are in no matter if it’s “special” or not.

What happens next is magical. Life is still heaven and everything is still sparkling.

The way that we choose to view our current situation is the way the current situation comes to be.

The idea is mindfully focusing on the goodness of the moment, each moment, each day. Extending the time we spend ruminating in the positive vibe and holding onto that vibe.

We can literally create Heaven on Earth this way.

We Don’t Have to Move on to the Next Thing If It’s Destructive to the Moment

Part of remaining in a heavenly state is not allowing negativity to distract us thereafter. We don’t have to have to participate in the guilt-ridden group text, get sucked in to the [Bad] News, and we don’t have to go back to the self destructive ways we once participated in.

In order to keep the good vibe rolling and keep creating our New Earth, we must focus on the things and feelings we want and let go of the things and feelings we don’t want.

We Were Made to Conquer and Enjoy Life

We are here for a reason. Some people may have more difficult paths than others but we all have one common goal: To Heal our Soul and Evolve.

Whether you believe in the after-life or not, we are all here to better ourselves and advance. Part of advancing as a Person and as a Soul is letting the Light in and letting Positivity reign.

Good things can’t happen in a negative space. Good life can’t thrive where only negativity is active.

Positivity gives rise to positivity and we are allowed to have a good time even when we are striving and surviving.

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A platform for those who have been through major life…

Mariposa Magazine

A platform for those who have been through major life transformations, through vonluntary or unvoluntary change.

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Mariposa Magazine

A platform for those who have been through major life transformations, through vonluntary or unvoluntary change.