MCAP Labs initiative to standardise ICOs creates a stir

Hi MCAPians’,

We are pleased to inform you that MCAP labs has released its two ICO reviews under its ICO evaluation services. It is an initiative to evaluate existing, upcoming and ongoing ICOs against our uniquely devised Key Performance indicators (KPI’s).

Our very first review in our series of “ICO reviews” is AIR platform (SPHRE).

AIR blockchain will rephrase the ownership of digital identity from the central system and will turn individual in control. To read this insightful review Click Here.

Our second edition of ICO review evaluated SURETLY.

Suretly, with the capability to perform all around the world, has planned to serve with a system which will assist in turning the process of loan distribution much easier and more approachable. To read this insightful review Click Here.

Not only this, MCAP labs has also released two ICO reports comprising of six ICOs each in its weekly newsletter to its subscribed users. Our ICO report incorporates a brief description of our selected ICOs for the week along with some other information:

· ICO price of their token

· Total volume of tokens

· Investment goals i.e. target amount to be raised

· ICO duration i.e. the launch and end dates.

· Results of our evaluation: Checking them against our parameters: Cryptocurrency resilience, basic technology, whitepaper, auditable income and team profile.

You can read in detail about our evaluation process here.

If there’s any thoughts, proposals and ideas regarding how you’d like our future ICO evaluations to be, kindly contact:

MCAP Labs editorial team-

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