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MDT Blog
Oct 27, 2018 · 5 min read


1. The development of Measurable AI is going smoothly. We already finished developing APIs for account register, activation, and login. In addition, the speed of email processing and data analysis have been further improved. Now our platform can process 150,000 emails per minute. At the same time, the engineering team is also optimizing Measurable AI’s receipt parsing engine, which now can parse in-app purchase receipts with a success rate of 100%. It can also quickly parse the receipts of the ride-sharing apps Uber and Lyft in different formats.

The Alpha version of Measurable AI ​​is expected to go live in early November. In the next following weeks, we will keep our community updated about the details of the Alpha test.

2.A Chinese TV Series Entrepreneurial Age (创业时代) is currently on air. This is the first ever Chinese TV show that reveals cruel battles between tech titans and small startups. Many consider it the Chinese version Silicon Valley. What’s more, it is based on a true experience of MDT team. In 2011 the Chinese tech giant Wechat(Tencent) stole the brilliant idea of voice messaging app from MDT team, which was called Talkbox back then. Wechat basically copied and pasted TalkBox’s key feature, “push to talk”, which played a significant role in the success of Wechat and the failure of TalkBox.

After TalkBox, we came to Silicon Valley in the U.S. and still wanted to create a messaging app that can facilitate online communications and bring people closer around the world. We started to work on an email messenger app called MailTime. After MailTime debuted at TechCrunch Startup Battlefield SF in 2014 and graduated from Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator in 2016, it has hit over 7 million downloads worldwide so far.

We are currently working on a special version of MailTime called Magical Crystal(魔晶), which has the same name as the app developed in the TV show. We launched it on October 21th, and it now ranks No.2 among the most popular social networking apps in the Apple Store.

Magic Crystal is an attempt to return to the Chinese market. Later, we will consider adding functions related to MDT in the messaging app, such as MyMDT, which enables more people to know and understand the MDT ecosystem through the app, and opt-in the economy. The bigger market and more users Magic Crystal has, the more potential data contributors MDT can get. It also means Measurable AI can obtain more anonymous big data to produce accurate and valuable consumer insights in the future.


1.This week, MDT Founder Heatherm Huang was invited to participate in the live interview of the well-known blockchain Podcast “Talk about Cryptocurrency with Tiantian”. The online audience reached over 10 thousand during the interview. Heatherm, whose story is adapted to TV show “Entrepreneur Age”, shared his experience of developing the world’s first “push to talk” voice messaging app TalkBox. Click here to listen to the full episode.

2.On October 25th, MDT Founder Heatherm Huang was invited to “Technology Interview” as a special guest held by Tik.Tok, one of the most popular news platform in China. Heatherm answered many questions online. Most of them are related to the development plan of Magic Crystal, the history of TalkBox and MDT team. This online interview lasted for one hour, and it procured 360,000 views in total. The hashtag of “Talk to Magic Crystal Founder Heatherm Huang” also made headlines in the app’s home page. The interview sparked heated discussion on Magic Crystal and Heatherm. To view the full interview, please click here.

3.MDT Founder Heatherm Huang was featured in a coverage published by the most influential Chinese technology media 36Kr. The article was trending on the website’s home page shortly after it was published. This article tells the story of MDT team developing different products, introduces the birth of Magic Crystal, and discusses its future possibilities. In addition, the article mentions MDT is trying to use blockchain technology to empower users to monetize their data, and the writer thinks very highly of this business model. Click here to read the full article.

In addition, tech media TechNode, TechWeb and Beijing News also interviewed and featured Heatherm Huang in their coverages.


The fresh new MDT Bounty Program kicked off on August 16th. This time, to spice things up, we turn this bounty into a Game! We are offering total 1,000,000 MDT in the bounty game to those who love and care to contribute to MDT community.

During the past four weeks, we are so excited to see a lot of passionate MDT supporters participating in this game, and big congratulations to the weekly winners!

Link to the leaderboard:

About MDT

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a decentralized data exchange economy connecting users, data providers, and data buyers and denominates the value of data. MDT compensates users for sharing anonymous big data while providing data buyers and providers with a more efficient and impartial trading model. The team previously built MailTime, an email app with over 7 million users, which is also the first use case of MDT ecosystem. MDT is now listed on OKEx,, FCoin, Bancor Network and

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