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People seeking their single-minded partners abroad are increasing in number, and this trend offers more practical solutions. If you want to find Russian mail order bride, there are great ways of doing so, but if you have enough time and resources, why not benefit from a Russian love tour that can open doors into the world of Russian women for marriage.

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Russian wife tours can’t be said to be recent, but more Western men have become aware of such opportunity, and such tours for singles can be a good alternative for those unwilling to seek their future brides online. If you’re interested in Russian ladies, reveal more about Russian romance tours here!

What’s a romance tour?

From the name, it’s clear that the purpose of such a trip is romance, meaning single men will have a chance to meet single ladies. It can be arranged for people who want to find someone for a relationship or even marriage. Thus, such romances are regarded as one part of the mail order bride industry that offers a wide range of ladies willing to find husbands abroad.

Interestingly, the first romance tours began in Russia, but now there are so many tours that you won’t run out of options. Still, the most popular destination is Russia, as ladies from this country are known to make great wives, passionate lovers, and caring mothers. You can also become a part of Russian marriage tours today.

Cost of Russia romance tour

Interested in visiting Russia in search of your single-minded lady? Then, you need to consider the Russian bride cost before your venture. At first, it might seem that Russian bride tours are quite expensive when compared to online dating options, but still, such tours will include a wide range of options like accommodation, visa, food, and so on.

Thus, the price might vary depending on how inclusive your romance tours will be. For now, the minimum price might start with $4K. But prices might soar up to $15K generally including a wide range of services. No matter what price you’ll pay, such tours are worth your money, as you have a chance to meet your perfect match from Russia.

Pros and cons of Russian mail order bride tour

Russian romance tours are ideal for single men seeking a better life with an ideal wife, and thus, why not find a Russian woman for marriage. Like online dating, romance tours are great options but not without some setbacks.


Here are some great benefits making Russian wife tours ideal for you:

  • Meeting real brides: before you reach the country, you’ll be offered to pick the one who’ll interest you from the already prepared catalog of Russian mail order brides, after which you’ll meet her in person.
  • Traveling: romance tours are more than dating in real life, it’s also about traveling to the greatest places of the Russian Federation.
  • More real dates: besides meeting someone in person, you can have real dates at some parties with a lady of your interest, which is arranged by a dating agency.
  • Guided tours: you’re not alone. This is true about such tours where you’ll have a guide who’ll assist you throughout the tour.


Here are some negative aspects of romance tours, which might happen:

  • Long distance: not everyone is a fan of traveling so far, so distance can be seen as a challenge.
  • Language: although romance tours will have guides and interpreters, you can still have problems communicating with Russian ladies.
  • Culture: meeting different people is about meeting different cultures, and Russian culture is quite different, so be ready for some cultural challenges as well.

International dating vs mail order bride tour

Many people can’t draw a line between the two, and if you belong to the list, you shouldn’t be ashamed. They’re similar yet different matters. International dating usually implies that you find a potential partner online. You chat, flirt, and exchange sweet nonsenses, but it takes a while to move things to another level.

Mail-order bride tours are all about international marriage, and more often than not, things take their logical course very fast. The intermediate platform that usually charges the users for the service ensures that 2 people from different countries, even continents, meet, fall in love with one another, and tie the knot.

Russian mail order bride tours are among the services that modern dating websites offer. The notion originated in the country and is gaining rapid popularity fast. However, most people have a wrong idea about what such a trip usually involves. You need to bear in mind that those tours aren’t about sex and casual flings. Both parties that meet on such travels are interested in marriage.

Main types of romance tours

You already know that the all-bounding tours have come from such a great country as Russia. However, you need to know that the popular notion has remained unclaimed in other countries too. There are 3 primary types of romance tours created according to the girls’ races at the moment. They’re the following:

  • Asian tours
  • European tours
  • Latin tours

If you think about it, these options cover the countries that are proud to claim the most beautiful ladies on the planet.

Russian/Ukraine wife tours: How does it work?

When you understand the basics of romance trips, you need to know how they’re supposed to work so that you can tell a scam from a decent offer. All Russian bride tours are indeed different depending upon the specific features each platform offers. However, the core remains unchanged. The process usually is the following:

  • You get in contact with the service representative.
  • The representatives take care of the tickets, accommodation, social acquaintances, and ladies to meet.
  • You indicate the women you wish to meet.

As you can see, the process is utterly simplified. All it takes is to agree upon the romance tour cost. The price per tour depends upon how long you’re planning to stay and where you’re coming from. The lowest price starts at around $1,500–2,000 for 4 days in the country. However, you may choose to spend a fortnight in the country with the ladies you like for about $7,500–10, 000. Don’t forget that there may be personal expenses involved and having $1,000–2,000 on you will help you deal with any matter since both countries are quite cheap.

Legal matters

When you’re all set with the agency, you should apply for the visa too, since Russia doesn’t welcome foreigners without proper documentation at hand. Here’s the list of requirements for a tourist visa:

  • Your passport
  • Correct application form
  • Passport-format photo
  • Tourist visa documents (hotel voucher plus a tourist acceptance confirmation)
  • Required fee paid

Russian romance tour for singles: 8 primary steps to take

You can leave the tour business up to the platform, but there are primary steps to take that every single person looking for a partner needs to go through. They’re the following:

  • Choose a platform you feel safe with.
  • Explore women’s profiles registered with the service.
  • Pick between an individual or group dates.
  • Confirm the agreement and pay for the service.
  • Travel to the country on the pre-discussed date.
  • Enjoy the pleasant and educational events chosen.
  • Socialize with the ladies you like.
  • Choose your destiny and tie the knot.

Vacation tours for singles: why Russia?

European tours for singles are gaining an impressive reputation among single hearts interested in marriage all over the globe. Russia and Ukraine are the most popular destinations, and there’s an impressive list of reasons why. First things first — Slavic women are known for their heavenly beauty, both inside and outside. Women from these European countries are simple but goal-oriented. They’re familiar with the classic traditions of married lives, and they seem to cherish them no matter the toll of modernization and value shifts.

Should you be interested in a woman that can raise a family without rejecting the career and vice versa, Russian ladies fit the description best. They know how to earn money and how to invest them wisely. A wife like that is a true blessing in a modern, self-centered world.

Practical tips to memorize during Russian love tour

Like every other foreign country, Russia has its specifics and peculiarities that you need to face before passing the border. First things first, make sure that you take enough cash with you. While Russia is an inexpensive country, dating may require some investment. You can take a card instead of money, but not all the country’s services can be paid with a card.

The next thing to inquire about would be the weather. Russia is the biggest country on the planet, and the climate changes from location to location and from season to season. Besides, Slavic women like it when a man looks presentable, so set aside those work-out sweats of yours.

Lastly, a dictionary may come of use too. You can even learn a few phrases in Russian, too, to impress the potential wife-to-be. Usually, the girls you meet either speak good English themselves, or there’s an interpreter at hand. Nevertheless, a little respect and increased attention to the country’s culture and language, in particular, will do you only good.

Foreign affairs dating: safety comes first

Whether these are Russia or Ukraine dating tours, you need to be sure of how to protect yourself from all sorts of scams and unpleasant situations.

Beware of large crowds

Whether it’s Kyiv, Moscow, or St. Petersburg, or any other larger city in European countries, they’re mostly safe, but minor crowds happen. So, when in the crowd, you should pay increased attention to your pockets. Keep the wallet and any documents you have on you in places that are hard to pickpocket!

Respect the traditions

No matter if it’s a Ukraine romance tour or a tour through Russia, you need to understand that people of these countries are mindset on their traditions. Paying a visit to a Russian house without a small gift would be considered unimaginable rudeness. Going to a museum or theatre in just a T-shirt and shorts is almost unacceptable. The list can go on, depending upon a given location, so it’s best to ask your lady about the local traditions not to break any rules or insult anyone without the slightest intention.

Final words

A romance tour is a pure blessing in the era of digital dating. Here, Russia deserves particular attention. The women of Russia are mind-blowingly gorgeous. They’re fun and charming. Besides, they’re genuine and quite classy — these are the features that modern society lacks most. All it takes is a reputable platform to sign up with to find the wife that will love you to the moon and back. In case you have one in mind, start inquiring about the journey to the land of Russian emperors today!

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