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Gas Crisis — Series of Events to Celebrate Partnership with Matic

Zero fees and instant transactions coming to the MegaCryptoPolis dencetralized city.

  1. Pure decentralization — all the actions in the game are built on smart contracts with all the game assets being tokens on Ethereum network;
  2. High complexity of the gameplay — with many different types of assets (Buildings, Citizens, Cars, Pets) influencing each other on a single chain;
  3. Plans to go mainstream with the Free-to-play mode— setting up an RPC and switching networks for a player will become the adoption-killer.

MCP3D Ethereum city is moving to the Matic Network.

Advantages are:

  • Zero-fee TX
  • Almost instant TX
  • Aggregated ETH withdrawal
    (one gas fee for all ETH collected on a sidechain, for any period)
  • Even better adoption (let’s make rent great again)
  • The perfect environment for upcoming free-to-play layer of the gameplay

Until then, the “Gas Crisis” series of events will take place.

1. Once-in-a-lifetime 25% discount for MCP3D Packs.

Redesigned Store now available right in the game interface.

2. Special Citizens available in Packs.

  • 1/4 in Urban Pack
  • 1/2 in Mayor Pack
  • 1/1 in Federal (that means all Feds have Special Citizens)

3. Co-promo with Matic Network

On to the next one…

Local Aviation to help you deliver Citizens and cargo from Matic to Ethereum.
  • DeFi in the MCP (sic!)
  • Genius Citizens
  • Traits for Super and Special Citizens (new Residentials)
  • Special Buildings (Cars Plant, Helicopters, University, Hotels, etc.)
  • Super Appliances
  • Public Transport
  • Avatar Mode
  • Free-to-play “World” concept (to be announced soon!)
  • Yachts

Cool huh?

Stay Tuned!



Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

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