MCP World — Chapter I. Unique Buildings

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It’s high time that MegaCryptoPolis got gas fees eliminated on Ethereum with Matic network integration paving the way for free-to-play mechanics with the biggest “World” upgrade planned for the game.

We are starting a series of articles with the first chapter about unique buildings to be constructed and visited in the decentralized city.

Unlike many other building types currently available in the decentralized city, Custom ones will produce nothing and generate zero ETH from the Funds. Instead, players will be able to walk inside them.

A Custom Building can be anything you want it to be — a bar, a penthouse, a Car dealership, a Corporation’s office, a rooftop club, a casino… thanks to highly customizable yet easy-to-use Blocks.


Custom Buildings are constructed from Blocks — each forms its own interior that can be visited by other players.

In the World upgrade players will be able to craft NFT items (“Objects”) those can be placed around a Custom Building or inside any contained Block.

Each Block represents a dedicated space with customizable interior, a place that other players will be able to visited by actually entering a building with a Citizen as avatar. While a Citizen approaches a building a list of available Blocks will be presented:

Each Block within a Building may have its own policy to be accessed by other players. Creators will be able to make a Block:

  • Public — everyone is allowed to visit;
  • Private — only the Block owner is allowed;
  • Corporate — all the participants of a Corporation are invited;
  • Locked — only an NFT Key holder may enter.

Blocks may vary in size (that will also define the size of its interior) and form. Player will be able to select wall styling, a number of windows and an entrance. Blocks could be placed one over another to form a new storey.

Blocks could be used to store, collect and display in-game items, gather with friends, hang out or as a storefront to sell NFTs. Some objects might have special functions and mini-games like a Phone to throw a party, a Banner to advertise another location or an Easel to draw an NFT picture — placing them inside Blocks will add fun and functionality to Custom Buildings.


A huge variety of decoration elements and styles will help in creation of a unique look for your Custom Building. Columns, roofs, cornices, entrances, stairways, balconies, bay windows, shopwindows, just to name a few.

Given its architecture and location a unique Custom Building may become the valuable asset one day.

A land plot territory around the Blocks can be decorated with crafted objects and used to display NFTs for sale. Objects presented that way will have an advantage over ones located inside Blocks as they are visible on the global gaming map without entering a Building.

What a day to buy a hot hatch!

The Builder

Every Block and every decoration element will require Resources to be constructed. Certain amounts may vary dramatically depending on the Block size, styling and rarity of the element.

We are working hard to make the builder interface as easy as possible so one will be able to create fabulous structures. However, a new layer of gameplay may evolve there with architects selling designs for some fee in $MEGA.

At least one land plot is required to construct a Custom Building. Players will be able to connect adjacent land plots to create a bigger building. The more land plots are united the higher a building can tower. Adjacent land plots could be connected in any configuration, from traditional 1x2, 2x2 to any L, T, or H shape without limitation.

An example of a complex building constructed on several land plots.

United land plots with a Custom Building will always represent a single unique NFT and will be treated as such.

Locating a Land Plot

We’ve just launched a new tool to help you find an appropriate place for the future Custom Building — a list of the most affordable land plots available on the gaming map could be found on the official website:
Top Land Plots

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