MegaCryptoPolis Transforming to Metaverse

Multi-year plan for the decentralized city development

Mega Crypto Polis


Started early 2018, MegaCryptoPolis has evolved from effortless city builder to one of the most complicated strategy games built on a blockchain with it’s Microeconomics, Corporations, DeFi-powered token and the Newspaper.

However, with the every next upgrade the game becomes more and more complicated to the point where it’s hard to explain most of the features to a new player. With so many ways to play MegaCryptoPolis today, none gives a chance to try the game without spending $ on network fees or a game asset.

Introducing a free-to-play “World” concept to change that.

Does it even matter?

Over 500 games released every single day. Top ones have up to 20 million unique players worldwide. Most of them have the same idea in common — offering players content and features for a $. Appstores withhold a notable share assisting players to discover new games.

Distributed ledger technology allowed secure Items ownership by players (in the form of NFTs and ERC-20s) and enabled a secondary market with direct P2P trading. MCP just brought it another level — as all the items required by players are produced by other Players inside the game. That makes Player a beneficiary of the game development.

That said, aside of initial limited Items distribution to incentivize the economics (like spare land plots, Districts and Packs), it’s all about Players to create value and unlock features to be used by Players. Development team acts just like a service provider here, retaining a small % to maintain operations and keep delivering new upgrades.

Let’s make it catching for a casual Player then.

Suffering of being a new player in the decentralized city.

Paving the way to Mass Adoption

Along with its advantages like trustless environment and ensured asset ownership, dApps games have its cons of high TX fees and low speed. Implementation of Matic Network scalability solution will finally solve those issues for Ethereum gaming map, while TRON is already fast enough.

Free and instant transactions to allow seamless onboarding are the cornerstones of mass adoption.

That opens a revolutionary new approach of building free-to-play scenarios on top of well-established gaming world. Imagine a casual game where every object is created by Players — not by a level designer— one will be able to enter someone’s Bricks Factory and get a mission to deliver a letter to someone’s else Office; both buildings operated by other players.

Mega Office reception. Letter delivered.

That is possible only if a land plot (a construction tile on the gaming map) has its price determined by the market — otherwise the world will become a mess pretty soon. Also that’s not only technology that makes a game great.

Dramatic upgrades are planned for the next couple of years in the MCP.

The World concept will allow to enter buildings on the MegaCryptoPolis gaming map with your Citizen as avatar.

The World will be a multiverse with many games inside — most of them are already familiar for Players: building to rent, producing resources, operating Offices, managing a Corporation, trading on the open market, etc. A bunch of new ones will become available with no fees or a wallet required (those free-to-play scenarios, also referred to as F2P).

The free-to-play “World” concept is awaited to transform the MegaCryptoPolis city builder strategy into a multiverse.

In it’s core, the World concept will make MegaCryptoPolis gaming map a global playground to display and discover Game Items produced by Players while exploring the gaming map. That said, an item could be placed for sale or demonstration inside a land plot so other players could purchase it.

Shopping for Car NFTs in some other player’s Auto Dealership Custom Buildng.

In order to display Items on a gaming map a Custom Building is required. It will be like a new type of a building, just with no Citizens required to operate. Players will be able to unite adjacent land plots into a single construction site for a bigger Custom constructions— the more land plots are connected the higher the building is allowed.

Gaming map will be THE market — a global storefront to present NFTs. Visually attractive and instinctively handy.

Custom Buildings are constructed from Blocks, and Blocks will have their own Interiors (think of it as apartment in a condo or a room in a villa) that will allow to actually enter inside the building in an Avatar Mode. A Block in a Custom Building could be transferred/rented/sold to other player and may act as independent ERC-721 token.

The most complicated Blocks will require Materials (from Wood to Steel) to be constructed, while the simple ones (like a Tent) could be created with so-called F2P Materials (new type of Resources to be acquired by completing free-to-play missions). Different missions with rewards for F2P Players will allow an endless treasure hunt for millions of players.

F2P Materials will also be used to create basic Items for Interiors — like sofas, beds, TV, phones etc. Most of them will have functions — like you’ll need a phone to invite a player to visit your private Block. Those Items may be really rare— ranging from common to absolutely epic ones, so even a top player may desire one for his Mega Office lobby. That’s where a F2P Player will have a chance to make some $MEGA by mastering MCP craftmanship.

Gamified connection of crypto and free-to-play WORLDS is where the magic happens.

Initially every new player will be given a Gen K Citizen (for an Avatar) and a tiny apartment in the Town Hall to craft first Items and feel a taste of the game (no wallet required).

Home, sweet home in the decentralized city.

As not all the players will be able to afford a Custom (at least a land plot is required) they may be looking for a bigger apartment in the city to store and display their Items. Might that be a Block in your Custom you’d like to offer them for some $MEGA or… for joining your Corporation? Totally up to you!

The story of planned transformations to be told in several chapters.

  • Chapter I. Custom Buildings
  • Chapter II. Interiors
  • Chapter III. Missions
  • Chapter IV. Transportation
  • Chapter V. Materials
  • Chapter VI. Crafting
  • Chapter VII. Governance

Stay tuned for important announcements!

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